Nov 6, 2007

Remember how to think like a child

In the movie Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder is saying good-bye to his sweetheart, Madeline Khan. He steps to embrace her but is immediately rebuffed with "The hair. The hair." All his attempt to bid his affectionate adieu are foiled because she doesn't want anything "mussed". That is exactly how some peole live their lives. As adults, many of us need the child-like enthusiasm that will allow us to loosen and live.

You cant make positive difference in the live of others by becoming dreary old fuddydud.

I was a bit like Madeline Khan this morning while chatting to my bestfriend Murat. I got conscious into the way I look. I was so excited to listen to his folklore music that I even forgot to fix my self before facing him in the webcam. But I am okey now, I just realized that any woman looks more prettier everytime she wakes up in the morning, hehehe.

Before going to work today, I decided to lie in the ground and watch the clouds roll by together with my nieces and nephews and I played hide and seek with my two year-old cute pamangkin named IGIBOY (Nephew). We hugged each other with out any reservations.
You know what? I feel good and it brightens my world!

By the way, I just got my self fixed and I feel so sexy going to my meeting today.

Here is what I realized today:

Loosen up, lighten up, and love with a child's heart.
Regardless if you look abit mystical. BOOOOO.... mooo mooooo

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