Nov 9, 2007

BS in KCC Mall

Forgetting the pain, we went to KCC Mall together to buy some new books. Then He also bought some pizza and we stayed in Coffee Dream. While drinking my coffee Bien answered the questionnaire I made for him and at the same time eating the pizza and drinking his juice.

He was happy now.
He kissed me all the time.
"Mommy? You love me?" He asked me.
"Why you asked me that? You think I dont love you?" I asked him
"You lovee mee" he said with a big grin on his face.

I wrapped my arms around him so tight and I am scared that he might do it in school. Hurting his classmates when he gets irritated.

I explained to him that hurting is bad.
Then he answered me that yes it is bad. It is not makatao.
I remember his subject in MAKABAYAN. His teacher taught them the KATANGIAN NG BAWAT BATANG PILIPINO. I find it cutee... nakarelate sya.

Bien proved his worth to me once again. He understands. He cares about what is happening around him. Paranoid lang siguro kaming mag asawa dati.
He grabbed my hands and bring me to MC DONALD.
He played in the playhouse with the other kids until he get tired and we went home.

When were home, all his cousins were waiting for him. Buti na lang me paSALUBONG ANG TITA. We sleep together in my room. As in the whole gang sleep with us.

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