Nov 12, 2007


Change is to one woman resigning in work
To another the beginning of a new opportunity
Change is the shifting of highschool bestfriend
To a new found life time friends

Change is the moving of one’s age
And the development in their body
It’s the coming of maturity
A realization of self importance

It’s taking one step at a time
Specially in the emotions of each person’s heart
But in the end it is the change that gives us hope

Hope to dream
Hope to be happy
And hope to live our life together
with the person we truly love

(thanks for dedicating to me your new post Jei. You are one of the best)

1 comment:

Private Nirvana said...

that short story has a sentimental value because it's a reminder that i can create something that can be appreciated by other people. you are one of those people. you never get tired of believing in my talents and capabilities. like what ruffa and kris said in their shampoo commercial..."Believe You Can". love you friend!