Jun 28, 2009


Sa lahat ng JACKO music, ito 'yung pinaka-favorite ko.
It's a short-film-like, na MTV, na medyo may pagka-odd.
When I was a girl I used to imagine singing like him with a witchy-back-up dancers! "yung mga witch na sexy at bloody pretipul naman"

Michael Jackson is one of the greatest. Music nya yata yung parati kong naririnig while growing-up kaya lang at that time masyado akong loyal ke Madonna kaya medyo di ko sya napapansin. Isa lang naman ang sigurado, everytime I heard his music, nakikinig at nakiki-indak ako. Henyo nga syang talaga!
I'm just lucky to grow up with his and Madonna's era.

Jun 21, 2009

i'm just a little girl

My room is filled with her music almost everyday!
Ayyy!!!! Napapalipad din ako, huh!
I truly enjoyed the show.
You know, if I'm going to describe my self in a song, ito na yun. Enchanted!

Reading Lolita in Tehran

It was last year when I met my iranian client named Farley. In my months of working with her in Manganes Extraction Project, we've always talked about iranian writers who usually wrote their hardship during the revolution in the 90's. She gave me the book entitled PRISONER IN TEHRAN. I'm not sure about sharing that in my blog but this is about the experience of a sixteen year old girl named Marina Nemat who was arrested on false charges by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and tortured in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. The book will teach us more about an extra-ordinary faith when facing evil.
Personally, I can't even imagine how to survive in the Evin Prison when all I can hear were pain, death, injustice.
Basta naramdaman ko na lang that I finished the book in one reading. I can not comprehend why on earth there are people who ruled their country like that. Kaya nga siguro kahit papano we are lucky for enjoying TOO much democracy. Hahaha. Iniiwasan ko na ang mag comment politically wala rin kasing patutunguhan. Ipinagdarasal ko na lang ang bayan natin na sana mapalayo sa mga demonyo. Kawawa naman tayong mga anghel.
~Going back to my real issue ~
Right now, I just purchased this book "Reading Lolita in Tehran".
I've seen the glimpse of this kanina in CNN while they're were featuring the Election fallout in that country.
Nagbakasakaling available sa bookstore at napangiti naman ako na nandun ang libro.
Aba, mas updated pa yata ako sa nangyayari ke Iran kesa ke Pinas. Tayong mga Pilipino hindi naman ganun ka-barbaric. Hindi yata natin kayang pagbaril-barilin yung mga nagra-rally. Pero sila ... grabe! I have not started reading the book yet but for sure I will in time na matapos ko na.
The last time I heard about Farley eh last year din. She was pregnant! I hope they are all fine.

I'd like to say sorry ke Connie Myfriend kasi the last time na she was waiting for me online , nagbrown-out ! Kaya tuloy, medyo nagtatampo ang babaeng iyun sa akin. I've read all ur offlime messages Connie. heer up... cheer up... I'm still here. Don't worry. Our friendship will last di ito katulad ng sa inyo ni Mommy Arcel. I won't let u down. I'm a friend 'till the end Conniebaby! kissessss......

Jun 17, 2009

Andyeego Lexus P. Mendoza

The name was inspired by Lex Luther of Smallville. He is the villain in the story. I love the mystery in him tapos hindi ko pa ma-define -define kung ano talaga ang laman ng utak nya. Kung susuriin mo, para bang ang lalim na di mo kayang wariin! That is why he got me.
Andee from Andy Garcia. His memory is set in a special place in my heart. Kelangan na talagang ma-visualize sa sarili kong buhay.

Lana Inyeego P. Mendoza

If I'll get pregnant with a baby girl, her name would be Lanaa Inyeega P. Mendoza.

I was calling my husband yesterday about this. He was all laughing with the idea. I'm not getting any younger na. Bien hates it when I baby treat him. He will always remind me na binata na sya whewn we are in school. At kapag pinagpapawisan, di na amoy baby.

I also realized how sad it is having a small family. I've seen it in my husband's mother.

She's all alone now. She only have two sons. Both have their own family. Patay na rin kasi ang father ni Hubby. Kaya nga , we give effort to spend our special holidays with her in Davao.

Iba na rin kasi yung me kapatid si Bien. Para naman pag nawala na kami ng tatay nya meron syang kapatid na matatakbuhan o matutulungan.

Can't you see? Me senyales na that I'm getting old. Nagiging dramatic ang bruha.



Ito na 'yung real reason why I wanna have kids.

Overwhelmed pa kasi ako sa TV series na Smallville.

Masyado kong mahal si Lex kaya dapat me significant remembrance sya sa life ko.

Maganda naman si Lana Lang at type ko yung episode kung saan siya ay na-possessed ng witch kaya medyo naging witchy ang fashion nya. Higit sa lahat, masyado kong nagustuhan ang motiff ng kasal nila ni Lex. Favorite flower at color ko pa ang ginamit.


"ganyan lang talaga ako kababaw mga mare."

Lana (from Kristin Kreuk's character in Smallville)

Inyeego- (from the indigo color family which includes lavander, violet, purple)

Panu kung boylet?

Pinag -iisipan ko pa. pero syempre dapat andun ang pangalang lex luther.

Suggestion is open!

Going home

When I saw my Mom and Lola getting inside the airport, that was when my tears really started to fall. I missed her.
Her stay with us lasted for 4 months but it always feels like forever.
My connection with my Lola is so strong. She loves everything I like. She told me that my genes were from her 100 percent. And yeah, I agree. We both love witchcrafty and The Buzz!
After three hours of travelling back to Manila with my Mom. Lola then texted me. She wrote: "I will never forget you until I live."
I cried again. I almost felt her wind touching me.
Si Lola talaga.....


Face marked with smile
Cold like an eering ice cubes
Oh, soft tears, hard life

Jun 14, 2009


Kakapanood ko ng Smallville, nainlove na ako ng tulayan ke Lex Luther.
Mabait naman sya dito at para sa akin isa syang loveable na tao.
Yung the way sya magmahal, gusto ko ng ganun. Tahimik, mysterious at medyo psycho.
Katulad nya kasi ako, di ko maintindihan kung talaga bang isa akong mabuting tao o pakitang-tao lang.
Hehehehe... joke lang po.
Hayaan nyo, one of these days, magpo-post na rin ako ng kahit papano'y merong ka-sense sense na topic. For sure, lahat ay tungkol ke Lex.
I'm Over with Andy Garcia.
Si lex na ang kapalit.
Basta until now, naiisip-isip ko pa ang lalaking yun.
Sarap naman.... (laswa!)

Ann Brook, the caring psychic

Most of my friends adore my talent in love psyhic reading. In fact our friendship started every time I would asked to read their palm and tell them things I know they would love to hear. Bitchy? Yeah... in a way. But there are feelings within me that pushes me to tell those words to them. I even wonder because most of it really happens. Its been like that for years until I have mastered it. Card reading and tarrot reading were one of the things I do that truly makes my friends, family and closest relative wonder as to where that talent came from.
It started during highschool were I predicted most of the students who would end up together and as to who are not meant to be.
I was known as the love fortune teller in our campus. For the whole time in highschool I have not enjoyed my own lovelife. I was just busy forecasting for those around me.
But in a way, that talent became so helpful to me in terms of gaining friends. They find it easy to be with me and most of the friendship I've got were brilliantly genuine.
In college, I've lessen doing those things.
I was even pre-occupied doing some other things most teenagers do.
But just today, I have the urge to do the witchy stuff again.
This talent I learned from the psychic book I read and I'm positive to learn more from Ann Brook.


Bien was busy looking for his classmates and friends from grade 1 in his new grade 2 room. He was a little sad knowing that most of his closest friends were no longer his classmate. Other closed friends like Dominick and Jhoncooooolark moved residency. They have been together since kinder 1 so the feeling naman talaga is quite normal . It just amused me finding their friendship so pure.

This week, Bien's shool is busy screening those students who would fill the fast learner section in every grader. During my visit last Friday, his teaher told me about Bien asking him some question kung bakit 'yung isang classmate nya nung grade one na-remain pa rin sa fast learner section.
The teacher was so friendly relaying to me the story na nakatulong naman upang di ko maramdaman yung kaunting hiya sa kaprangkahan ni Bien.
It started when 4 of his classmates were crying kasi ililipat na sa ibang section. Bien tried to comfort them until he stand-up from his chair and asked some questions sa teacher.
Bien: Teacher, I have a question.
Teacher: Yes?
Bien: Bakit si PeXXX still in this section?
Teaher: (first reaction daw nya ay naka-smile) Because he knows how to read already.
Bien: Really?
He goes infront the whyteboard. Wrote the word VASELINE (Siguro kasi yun ang shampoo nya)
Bien: PeXXXXX You read this please.
Teacher: PeXXXX Bien is challenging you to read the word.
PeXXXX: Stands up sabay kamot sa ulo ulo nito. Then, he reads in syllable VA-SE-LI-NE.
Bien smiled.
Bien: Nahh... I told you teacher. He reads like a robot. Fast learners reads like this: VaSEline!
Some other classmates also raised their hands and read like Bien. Tapos sinabi nila ke teacher na pang fast learner din sila because thay can read fluently.
Actually nung naikwento na sa akin ni Teacher ito, quite lang ako. Walang reaction. It gives me a moment na pag-isipan kung yumayabang na ba ang personality ni Bien.
Yung kaprangkahan kasi nya, I no longer find it cute.

who would remain in the fast learner section. Some were already eliminated and transfered in other sections. and