Nov 22, 2007

I remember my good friend

There's a friend of mine who dont believe in God's existence and he always made his point greatly clear in that position. Some of my officemates began to pray for him. Every time we happen to be together and there was a prayer they will include him in it. But I wanted to go further. So I took my one step and we became very good friends. He told me his stories and in my own little ways, I started to understand him. He was just scared. And in my own idea (forgive me goodfriend) it was only his defense mechanism to......(mmmmm okey, i will not go further..)
I believed that deep in his heart, there is God.

In one of our seminar-workshop, an officemate approached him and said this: " I want you to know that I am concerned about you and I am praying for your salvation and that I can not bear you to be lost."

For me, that was a stopper.
I can not argue with her. I respect her. Somehow my friend must be very thankful because this woman spend her time telling about God's existence. She was very concerned (maybe). But you know in my own thoughts, I failed to feel her sincerity but opppsss who am I to judged her?

Her words only stopped me because I dont find it being Christian if she tend to envy other people and will do everything under her control to step on other people's head just to remain powerful in our office. (As in stepping in one's head because she loves to hit your reputation as a worker and as a person).

This woman during my stay for about six years in the office did plenty of nasty things not only to my good friend but to my other officemates as well. I do not know if she was aware that at that time almost everyone hates her. Its just that other people can not bring out their feelings against her for fear of something I can not figure.

I think I was one of those who just keep silent. If I was afraid of losing my job, I dont know.
When I resigned, the only reason was my son needs my time and I was no longer happy working with them.
But you know God has a purpose for everything. I gained back my confidence and my self intact.

My good friend though has a bad experience during those times has now regained back his reputation. I was there when he lost his job. I wanted to support his fight but well maybe, I was scared too. So he just left the office and continue on his life.

Now looking back, being prayerful is not a guarantee that you are a good person.
Our prayers wont count if we are not concern to other people's welfare and when our heart is full of fears, envy and pride.

On the other hand, my good friend and I had our own family and job now. We are both happy with our own chosen profession and was also blessed with good and attractive partners.
We have not talked for a long time now but the last time I heard about his belief was when I attended his wedding day. It's not a church wedding.
I was smiling silently when the Judge who married them asked him why he dont believed in God?
I am so sure that he answered the Judge the way he answered me 10 years ago.
I am smiling now as I end my article today.
Our friendship is one of the best thing that ever happened to me.
Mind you, he was my mentor in Adobe photoshop. Very Talented,Weirdeee and a real aRtiSt.


Private Nirvana said...

he sounded familiar friend....parang kilalang kilala ko talaga sya. love you...sorry wala talaga akong load.

Anonymous said...

ooppsss, parang kilala ko kung cno yon ahh!!!

wITChy Boop said...

anonymous- Nilds? kaw toh???

Liza said...

Hi! I've linked you to my other blog too Hope you'll find time to drop by. TC