Nov 15, 2007

Happy Sight in many things

- anne shannon demarest - 1965

Walking in the Summer rain,
Noisy wee-folk in their play,
In hush that stills a boisterous day,
In waterbeads on windowpane.

In bell-clear tones when robin sings,
Dew-kissed web a spider weaves,
Rich and gold of Autumn leaves,
And fairy-flakes that Winter brings.

A gentle pat upon my cheek,
In glancing moonbeams on a lake,
In happy laughter children make
While wading in a rushing creek.

In wind that plays in willow trees,
And angel voices in a choir,
The crackle of an open fire,
And tulips nodding in the breeze.

In silky strands of milkweed pod,
In sparkling grains of sea-washed sand,
The courteoous clasp of Friendship's hand,
And in a dialogue with God.
delight i find in many things

My heart is now full of hope.
Like a child, I can see many beautiful things around me.
Playing with Bien and Lean make me appreciate the simplicity of life.
The two of them can also make me cry.
They can also make me laugh so easy.
They always make my heart soft flavored with an apple
and yet...
they also bring-out the worst in me
they can make me mad
but with them my life is complete.
I always feel the happy grin in my face
when I hang out with them.


Lisa said...

you write beautifully, thank you x

wITChy Boop said...

okey... thank...ex-link.

wITChy Boop said...

ms lisa sorryy far out yata ako dito (DYAN SA UNA KONG ANSWER. eww). THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY. YOUR SO NICE !!!