Feb 27, 2009

Fiber up

Honestly in this era, a bulging belly and an ugly flab can hold your life.
I was over weight right after giving birth so I really know how it feels.
The thing about me then was that I think sexy despite of what I heard from other people like" Ang taba mo. " I used to get mad and would tell them things that will also hurt them lalo na if they would repeatedly tell me that I was so fat. "Eh, ano ngayun, nilait mo ako, kaya lalaitin din kita."

To beat the stress, I will justify my gains by just telling them that I'm already married, that it was not my priority and that my hubby must love me for what and for who I am. Ang daming reason kasi nga ang totoo hindi ko pa kayang i-give-up our eating lifestyle. Those chocolates, pringles, adobong-baboy, cakes and a lot more!

Only few who would look at you inside. Di bale na sana yun pero kahit sarili ko would look at me the way other people does. Negative! Di na maganda and I don't want my child to grow me so unconfident.

We've change lifestyle.
Ervs and I started to Yoga. Nagbago ang pananaw namin sa buhay.
Gumaan ang aming pakiramdam.
Slowly we became happier with what we feel and lalong lalo na with how we are after dieting and exercising.

If you wanna be love more, you've got to love first your self and your body. Looking good is feeling good.
Gone are the days na pababayaan ko lang how I look. I dont waNNa go back to look like miserable.
To me, it was considered a misery because it became a hindrance to show my potential. Kasi nga I don't feel good kaya puro negative na lang ang nasa brain ko.

Actually what I wanted to share today is that, I succeeded not eating meat for years already. Mahirap pero masarap maging vegetarian. Painful pero nakakawala ng stress ang exercise.
Kaya kahapon while attending the birthday party of my godchild hindi ako natemp na kumain ng paborito ko dating lechon. While everybody was so eager eating that that stuff, I was not. Honestly, wala gyud ko nalaway.
Nilapitan pa ng ako ng isa kong kumare and invited me to eat more.
"Kaon Mads," sabi nya
"You are missing half of your life kay sarap kaayo ang lechon." She added.
And I just told her nga "Lagi, kaon ra dinha. Lami man gyud na ."

Nag fiber lang ako. All vegetables. Masarap din ang chopsuey oi, baka kala mo.

Tapos the best part pa dun is when you get home, ang daling magwithdraw sa CR.
Walang effort.
Walang consti.
Ang gaan ng feelings.

Feb 26, 2009

Bien's Act

When asked by his teacher what is the meaning of Karapatan, my son raised his hand and answered na "Ito ay di pwedeng agawin ng sinuman. My Yaya when I was younger was jailed because she hurt me. Yung karapatan po ay proteksyun ng mga batang katulad ko na inabuso at sinaktan."

He said it right. Looking back, di ko ma-imagine na iniwan ko syang nag-iisa lang sa yaya. Walang kalaban-laban. Kawawa nga kasi violence ang nakamulatan nya.

Thankful ako ke Lord at sa mga therapist ni Bien na talagang buong pusong tumulong sa kanyang mabago ang pananaw nyang manakit kapag nagagalit. Ilang classmates na ba ang sinaktan din ni Bien dahil sa init ng ulo?

Now that he is in grade one , akalain ko bang maging presidente sya ng class at masyadung mahal ng classmate kasi mabait at mapagbigay daw?

Yesterday afternoon in his class habang wala daw ang teacher nya, me nag-away na classmates. si Charles and Erl Jhon. The two were realy fighting fist to fist. Bien tried to stop them but they did not listen. So what he did was he wrote a letter addressed to the guidance office and along with the other class officer, they send it personally .


I feel really proud of him when Teacher Cristine was telling me this news. She even showed me the letter that was submitted to the Guidance Office. I wish to take some photos of the letter for remembrance but during that time, my gadget was not with me.
But as far as I remember ito yung sinulat nya.

To the Guidance Office

Charles Corado hit my classmate Erl Jhon Quivedo in his head and chest. We tried to stop them but they are very hard headed. Now we are reporting this to your office so that the guard will send them to prison.

Bien Salvador P. Mendoza
Grade 1-Class president.

Sayang talaga at di ko na-picturan!

Feb 25, 2009

Bes tabang!

I've been blogging actually not to earn money. Infact my thoughts in witchyboop's mostly are shallow.
One day, I tried applying in one of the advertising host and was luckily approved. I even wondered why. Then I started receiving some of tasks assigned. I accepted those that are connected to my truthful experience and rejected those that would sound fraudulent. I just don't blog for the sake of adverstisement. In my own point of view, I feel good writing truthfully.

You know what, I've been paid already but I still dont know how to claim the payment. Though I have my visa card via Union Bank and a paypal account, still I could not understand how to really claim it. That is how stupid I am, eyahh..

Not that I'm so dying-interested being paid, but my son Bien is!
His blog was approved by blogvertise and had complied the task given to him. When he checked it yesterday, I could not draw his face being so excited having paid a two dollars from his first ever advertisement GRAYHAWK.

My problem started when he was now asking me how to claim it. I just smiled because I can pay him. How much lang ba ang two dollars. The thing is mukhang na-inspire yata. He wanted to blog more for money!

This time, I need my bestfriend's help. She knows me. Naiinis ako kapag maraming applications na dadaanan. Grabehh... Now tell me na hindi ako matiyagaing tao~ I will accept. Syanga~~ di po mahaba pasensya ko.
Bes... Help!!!!!

The thing is I'm blogging for fun and yet my son is blogging to earn!
Hahahaha... di talaga sya ipokrita like me...

Feb 24, 2009

Shopping at home

Career women make do with whatever little time they have to spend with their loveones.

Lanie, my classmate in a Baking Class every Saturdays and Sundays works in the local Tourism office of General Santos City. She don’t wanna miss her being a mother and a wife that is why she is doing her best to learn cooking so that she can give her family the best food that they will look forward every weekends.

Yesterday night, she invited me to bake a black forest cake in her house. I was so amazed in the wall oven she brought in an online shopping. It’s features are really amazing. It gives you the most convenient way of cooking in a two different temperatures at once.

How can now she miss being a mom? Online shopping somehow would take the place of a hug and togetherness in a way. You just opt to stay at home and spend time together picking the things you and your family longs to buy.

I've learned from Lanie the importance of doing the resources available on the net. Infact, I have not think about my busy schedule for now. It was last year that I was planning to buy a dinner ware that will suits my mom's taste.

Hopefully my husband will also try to shop for me. I wish he could buy me a dishwasher, be it an old model or a cheap one, would all be fine.

This time, I will try ordering it online. Lanie told me that buying on the net will keep my moments unhurried in the comfort of my own home.

Don't let your fear stop you from trying something new. When you feel anxious about tryouts or any other new activity, ask your self the question " Then what would happen?" Most likely you will realize that you can get through the experience no matter what. Be realistic with your answers and you'll see that, slowly, your fear weakens with every "Then what?" question. Whatever happens, remember to tell your self, "I would be ok."

Feb 22, 2009

It becomes so painful when you try to love someone so much.
Pero I can't help but show them how much they are mean to me.
Sweet ako. Inborn.
Kaya lang when I'm hurting...
I'm really hurting.
Dinadamdam ko yung pain.
Pero alam nyo?
Malapit ng mawala yung pain.
Yepppiii... malapit na talagang mawala.

Most possibly this year if I get pregnant I will name my daughter (if she's a girl) Isla (pronounced as Ayla). This was taken from the actress Isla Fisher of the movie entitled



a Shopaholic

I am a big fan of its book version.
Very bubbly and an absolute fun to read!

Since reading the Milan KundEra's book I became a sucker of a romantic comedy novel. Ewan ko, masyado kasi akong na-depressed sa mga stories nya but wala akung masabi sa pag kagawa nito. Maganda at makatotohanan! Is just that ayuko lang talagang malungkot. Kung pwede lang tumira sa fairytale land para di ko yun ma-feel gagawin ko.
That's why I'm reading to be entertained and somehow to learn. The biggest part of entertaining me is to make me smiling and making me feel like all the blood that is flowing in my viens is in a rush. It makes my chicks naturally pink~ hehehe.
I have naman nothing against dramatic books or sad endings~ there are also times that I craved for them pero not last year and not this year as well.

I don't do the book review or movie review kaya don't expect me to really tell the story of the books or movies that I have read na. It's just that I can't control how overwhelmed I am with those that I have watched and read.

Going back to the Confessions topic...

There are three things that excites me to watch the movie.
Number oNe : I have the feelings that it will satisfy me. Yung feeling na the movie will give justice dun sa book. I knew it from the time that I've seen the movie trailer kung saan first time kong nakita yung bidang babae na si Isla Fisher. My God..tumatak sya kaagad sa utak ko! The way she dressed-up, her manners, the character, makashock!~Ganun talaga sa book.

Number tWo: Pogi 'yung bidang lalaki. I love his eyes and besides parang I have seen the guy from the movie Ella Enchanted. Di ko lang sure pero cute sya!
Finally, yung number ThRee: Maganda ang lay-out ng poster. Deliciously photographed. Parang msarap kainin.

Yun lang. Ganun lang kababaw kung bakit ko ito nagustuhan!

This movie is based on the novel "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. One of my most favorite writer last year and maybe until this year.
The character is named Rebecca Bloomwood known as Becky who lives with her bestfriend Suze. She has a shopping addiction and her job doesn't pay enough which brings her in a chaotic situation and just like any other girl meets boy story, Becky finds the man who could pay-off her ever-growing debt. Bakit ako kinilig sa book? Please find out kasi yung answer dun makes me young!

Feb 19, 2009

Gladys on me.

I shared to her my feelings. She told me na wala talaga akung basehan . Dapat hayaan ko lang kasi I've never been in that place so I will never know the real scenario.
Pagod lang daw ito. Parelax daw muna.
Attend ng party.
Reach out sa ibang friend namin na mahilig sa night out.
Makipag boyfriend.

And I reacted.
Bruha, okey ka lang ba?
Sisirain mo yata future ko eh.

She answered.
Syempre friend joke lang yun.
I'm giving you things that I will do kung aKo iKaw.

Pero ikaw yan Loves.
Ang point ko lang naman is hayaan mo na lang.
Lilipas din yan.

Na-realized ko namang tama sya.
Pasgud lang ako kaya ako nagkakaganito.
Pagud lang...kaya matutulog na lang muna ako.

Lex Luther

Magaling talagang tumayming si Gladys kung minsan!

She was here tonight kasi namumublema na syang magpakasal. She's not the marrying type daw. AND OH MY! Her line is exactly like this.
Gladys: LoVes!!! Di ko pa kayang mag-asawa (worried face)

Me : Bakit? Ang tanda ko eh your a lot older than me. (habang kinukuha ko yung
bini-beyk kong macaroni para i-serve sa kanya.

her : Malandi man kasi ako uy. I'm sure na kapag mag marry na ako, maglandi-landi pa rin ako.

Me : Problema nga yan. Hwag ka na lang mag-asawa, maglandi ka na lang forever.

Her : Gaga! Anu ka man oi. Di ko ma-gets yang advice mo.

She's always like that. Para sa kanya easy lang ang life. Minsan when I'm with her nararamdaman ko na kapag less ang responsibility mo means less din ang problema. Gustuhin ko mang maging katulad nya di ko naman kaya. I am happier this way and so she is. Magkaiba talaga kami ng pananaw pero kahit ganun never kong na-feel na kailangan kung umad-just sa lahat ng moods at attitude nya. Naku, iba-iba talaga ang tao. Hindi dapat i-compare.
What's important is we share good things during bad times.
Like now, she knows I'm a bit down. Ewan kung saan nya nalaman kasi she seldom reads my blog. Dito ko lang naman nirerecord yung innermost feelings ko kahit walang kakwenta-kwenta. When I asked her how did you know na medyo wala ako sa mood. Simple lang, sabi nya. Di na ako nagpaparamdam. Nyee.. di naman ata ako ganun. Loko her!
Bigla nyang nilabas yung surprise nya sa akin! Habang pinapapak yung bake macaroni kung australian style (hehe).

Nakks. Ang galing ngang tumayming!
Pwede na kasi akung manood ng sangkatirebang DVD kasi tapos ko na ang latest kong IEE project. As in ngayun ko lang talaga natapos then me DVD na kaagad akung pagkakaabalahan!

Bakit Smallville? Sana Ally Mcbeal na lang o kaya Xena the warrior princess~! (ako)
Arte mo ! Sagot nya. You will love Lex Luther. Sigurado kung you will love him. (gladys)
Sigurado ha? Bakit man si Lex Parang si Clark Kent man ang bida. (Ako)
Basta ke Lex Luther ka maiinlove! (gladys)

Ka-kuyaw ba aning bayhana! Bitaw... tan-awun lang nato beh. Basin diay kay Lex gyud ko mahigugma!

Feb 18, 2009

and her british accent could kill me.......
I even tried mimicking her in front of my mirror! Crazyy me!

Leona Lewis

The newest apple of my eye....
Leona Lewis!

Have you tried watching the Forgive Me music TV of Leona Lewis?
I enjoyed watyching her.
Kasi I can relate to the way she dresses.
Love them!
Her hair is also a fab!
Basta I'm inlove with her.

I'd like to dedicate this to my friend who does'nt know what I'm feeling against her.
It is unfair I know.
Pero eto yung nararamdaman ko.
Wala yata ako sa rasun ah. Kaya I'm gonna keep it inside me na lang. Lilipas din ito. Nababaliw lang ako.

I still don't know if what I have been hearing is true.
I believed in her.
But why is it I'm still hurting? May bases nga ba akung talaga? hayysss...

She does not know how I felt.
I hope she will.
But with out me telling her, she will never know.


Para sa puso kong nanahimik
nais ko munang kumanta
kesa naman magsalita ng nakakasakit

Time will help me realize
to understand some things in my life right now
that is not doing well

God has a purpose for this
I just don't know why for now
but I will in time

Feb 16, 2009

Prayers lang... prayers....
Sana ma-grant 'yung plans ni hubby.

Ten wackiest facts about

Though it is obvious that I'm 100 percent silly, I would still love to do the tag assigned to me by my ever Best Friend of all time eVe'S of the Journey.

1. Break na kami ni Mcdo, love ko na uli si Dunkin Donuts ( I can stay there as much as I want lalo kapag nagbabasa and doing some work on my laptop ng hindi sinisita)
2. Make love with books. I bring it anywhere para me pagkakaabalahan ako kapag nabu-bored
3. Wears black most of times. Ewan, maganda ako kapag naka-black. Ako yata si Jessa ng Blusang Itim

4. Wears a muffler everytime I go out the house to keep me from direct sunlight

5. Binibihisan ng werdo ang asawa at anak kapag nag mu-malling

6. Mahilig magpa-iyak ng batang makulit

7. Tinuturuan si Igi boy panu paamuhin ang cute na manok at gawing pet

8. Sexy ako! Sexy ako! Sexy Ako! Nyehehehehe

9. Nilalandi si Hubby

10. Hate ko ang ternong punda at kumot

Feb 14, 2009

This is exactly what I have been avoiding. Yung magkasakitan uli kami ng kaibigan ko. This time with different person. What I've learned from Nancy won't be happening again with this friend whom had hurt my hubby so I won't be saying any bad things about her. Promise.
I just can't elaborate because at this point of time, I'm still trying to figure out the situation. Is she really a friend? Maybe one day, one of these days, I will know.
I don't wanna be unfair to her because I have not heard her side.
But I hope I'm wrong because I love her.

Feb 2, 2009

Bien grows up with books. When you are inside my house, the first thing you'll recognize are my books. Naka-arrange yan sa living room namin at kahit sa kusina merun ding buks. It's like a library.
I also have this in mind na kung siguro magkamilyun ako at ready na kaming magpatayo ng dreamhouse ko, ang magiging bahay ko talaga kahit sa banyo me bookshelves!
Pasensya na, masyado lang ata akong na-inspired today!

Ito na yung kaputol ng kwento ko the last time.

Bien brings with him the book of Bob Ong almost everywhere he goes until he finished reading it twice. Siguro nga I'm his great influence kasi he knows that I have a habit of reading books that I like twice kung minsan three times pa (para mas lalong maintindihan~~ low IQ kasi ako kung minsan nyehehe)~ Kay Bien naman he just wanted to digest the story. Well, watching filipino movies in Cinema One is useful to his improvement in filipino language, that is why he started appreciating Bob Ong's work aside from its humorous content.
He brings the book with him in school too. In his vacant time, instead of playing, he would read. He loves the Harry Potter series but I didn't see him reading the way he is now to Bob Ong's .
Ito actually 'yung first time na masasabi kong reader na nga talaga ang anak kong ito.
Nakakatuwa kasi you are sharing the same passion with your son.

Alam nyo rin 'yung reading while making popo? (Pasintabi po sa kumakain ha? Gusto ko lang talagang i-share!)
He is actually doing that!
Laking gulat ko nga when I saw him kanina. Pagsilip ko kasi nakita ko syang nagbabasa pa rin. So kinunan ko na ng litrato. Sayang naman yung moment.

How I'd love to have him photographed in school too. Kaya lang wala akong chance. Naikwento na lang sa akin kahapun ng kaibigan ko sa school.
Natutuwa akung makita na ang little boy ko ay parang ako (in some ways~ di naman pwedeng sa lahat).