Nov 12, 2007

An ode to Twerlyn

It is a wonder to know someone like Twerlyn
She is not the ego-centric old witch in Snow White fairytale
Who revealed in the process of gazing into her mirror
by asking who is the fairest of them all
She can give you words that will easily make you love her
She will make you feel simple
She will make you feel fresh
She will never frightens your being
She is one inspiration indeed

Why she is so friendly
Why she is so true
And above all these
Why she is so beautiful
Maybe because she is created
To make the world untwisted

She make you feel loved
Because she lives in love

She has meaning to me
I am experiencing her now
Making love to her blog
Making friends on her existence

You are delicious...
Where did you came from?

1 comment:

Lerlyn said...

Hi Lovi loves!!I'm speechless! Im overwhelmed!whew!thank u so much for making this poem, your the best. I like it to the max! I can't forget this,as in!muah!!!