Dec 31, 2007

A thousand and one nights

You can see different faces here with different kind of moves but THERE is still one thing we have in common.... our happy faces!!!!! We were laughing, shouting and giggling. I again found my self in a world of people. I feel relieved. Ika nga ke Paulo Coelho eh it is my personal legend that brings me here tonight.
This year, it was almost impossible that we could celebrate together but God brought us a new feelings. A feelings that to be celebrated for. At least between me and Ervs we are now willing to know each other more and more as we grow old together.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!!
To all my blogfriends, Happy New Year!

Dec 29, 2007


Ang pagkakaibigan natin ay




Ngunit lumipas man ang ating kabataan (Tayo ay mukhang bata pa rin)

Pagkakaibiga’y di naman nalusaw

Lumipas man ang panahon ng Holy Cross natin

Lumisan man ako ng Davao at lumipat ng Gensan

Nag-asawa’t nagkaanak


Nawasak ang puso



Andyan ka pa rin para sa akin

Malayo man ngunit buong–buo ka pa rin

Ngayon ikaw ay nawawala uli

Inaayos ang buhay

Para yumaman

Tawa naman dyan hehehe

Sumusulpot bigla sa YM

Nagbla-blog na lang paminsan – minsan

Talagang puspusan na pag-aaral ulit yan matalik na kaibigan

Paglipas ng taglamig na ito

Magkikita uli tayo

Isisilang uli natin

Ang mga nawalang panahon ng samahan

Kunsabagay sa puso ko naman

Ikaw pa rin si Besfren Ev-yang

Yung simple pero grabeee

Cute na terible

'ala na akong ibang masabi

Basta 'ansuwerte ko ako bestfren mo


ACTUALLY na MiSs lang Kita

Dec 26, 2007

Witchy puppet

I considered this one as the greatest material gift Dad gave me.
Not the make-up kit last year;
Not the Juday's like outfit last month;
Not the jewelries and bags years ago
but this one really made my knees bended on the floor.
My WITCHY PUPPET!!! hihihihi

I must admit that this year is our second try-out hubby and wifey relationship as we are trying to keep the marriage strong but I think we will make it ( God's will.... God's will). He understands me more now and I am also discovering new love-aBle attitudes from him.
Acceptance and willingness to be together is on the air!!! He is making me happy as a woman and as a person. And most of all he is bringing the best in me.
I pray that I'm giving him the same impact as he is to me.

When I opened the gift I was really surprised!!! (Grinning)
And more surprised I got when I read his message that goes like this:

To my Witchy wifey,
I love everything about you.
It is just that I do not know how to express it.
You are such a high-maintenance witch.
But I love you.... more than my life.
Suck my blood baby.
Eat my flesh.... merry xmas!!! hohoho
your vampire hubby

He give effort to do this.
I thank him for making me feel secured now.
He also makes me feel sexy and beautiful. It's more than enough.... that is a bonus!!

Thank you dad!!

What is thy name

Twinkle reach out to be my friend. She's always humble and simple though she got everything a woman could ever asked for. It was at this moment that I realized how good she was to me.
While being so snub and insecure, she gave me friendship and attention.
Many many many years before, I have doubts on her kindness. I did not know who she really is. Just this night on her wake, I realized how good she is as a person and friend.

I am brave and stubborn.
Brave because I can always speak my mind.
Tell her things I truly feel even if it would hurt her.
Stubborn because I realized how selfish I was to her.
And yet after all, she freed me from every guilt feelings I could ever have from being so skeptical to her friendship.
Honestly, I pushed her away while she was trying to get close.
I am just lucky that like her name Twinkle, she truly gives light and shines for the people that matters to her.
Nasayang man ang mga sandaling sana ay nagkasama kami bilang tunay na kaibigan, nag-kausap naman kami at nagkapatawaran bago sya pumanaw.
She assured me not to worry.
She will be safe in heaven.
Rest in peace twinx.

Dec 24, 2007

Witchy's blood type

Witchy mom is so busy this time.
Hope that you would still be able to find time reading her cheeky blood type test.
This one is a bit true.

Your Inner Blood Type is Type B

You follow your own rules in life, even if you change the rules every day.
Sure, you tend to be off the wall and unpredictable, but that's what makes
And even though you're a wild child, you have the tools to be a great success.
You are able to concentrate intently - and make the impossible possible
and most of all you love magical experiences, witchy charms
and splendid fashion.
You are most compatible with: B and AB

Famous Type B's: Leonardo Di Caprio and Judy Ann Santos

My IQ Test's true, I'm always illogical!!! When I took my civil service examination I only got 30 points in the logical test part. I hate that stuff. It waS menTally and emotionaLly D R A I N I N G. huhuh
Recel, Thank you for this tag. I have a good time answering all those questions (~0~)
It's always a pleasure having me tagged by you.
Thank you so much.. This tag made me realized something.
Three words baby...
I'm a genius !!!
har har har (Ulkkk.... my brAg blog!!)

Your IQ Is 205

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average

Your General Knowledge is Genuis

My turn to tag my bestfren Eves, Jayvee and Nancy.

Dec 21, 2007

Oh, it's odd

This tag is from my new friend Ester

Here are the rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share seven (7) random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.
Random Weirdness (~~)
1. Convincing my two nieces to wear black every time they wanna play with me.
The kids like it.

2. Doing unique hair style for my hubby and Bien when dating them in malls and
public places. Cool Dad and son enjoy this kind of bonding.

3. One sweet weird blessing I've got is having Josephina 29 years in my life. She
devoted her life to us especially to me and now she is still taking care of Bien. I LoVe herrr. It is unique to have someone who can make a perfect coffee for your taste. When I was in college, I live alone with out her for 4 years and darnnnn.... I missed that years of not drinking her coffee. She's the original witch. If you hate me, she can cast a spell and you will wake up loving me na. ( heheheh amawa oi... binuang ra)

4. Having a son who reads a lot even when the push-cart is moving. (He also loves Emo's fashion. I hope to share with you in my next post Bien's new Emo-hairdo. )

5. Treasuring a black witchy bag given by my grand mother 15 years ago. I consider this as MY PRECIOUS (whispers...) . Ang hilig ko sa mga lumang bagay kaya pag kami ni Hubby ay nasa New Zealand na, naku... you can already imagine how our house would look like.

6. Aside from reading english books I am also into pinoy tagalog novels. I don't collect them but I bought them to satiate my cravings for filipino kilig stories. I am still completing my collection of Eve Montilibano's novel and have her autograph soon. She's my favorite pinoy novelist from Gensan next to Helen Meriz. I grew up loving all the books written by Helen and I even cried when she died from a car accident. It's unfortunate not to meet her in person. I used to saved money from my allowance just to buy her books when I was still in my elementary and highschool days and now I'm collecting Eve's book. So far I only have two pinoy favorite novelist. I',m just reading the rest of the pinoy books and will give it to my friends who also have passions for filipino novels but in fairness I enjoyed reading them all.

7. I am an ant-murderer. I hate them because it leaves a mark in my skin when they bite me. I hate them because they love sweet stufffff.... and they love eating meee... I hate themmm... I hate themmm because I am sweet....
( nyehee!!)

Now its my turn to tag

Dec 19, 2007

Bien's convocation

"For a moment Dad!" Bien told his father while we were walking home right after the second convocation program in school. Then Daddy paused and when he was about to asked the kid why, Bien told him "Dad, picture... picture!!! Ganito lang na posing dad ha... nakapatong sa kahoy na putol" he added. Dad can not believed that his boy talks like this now. He was laughing while playing with his camera and taking some shots for Bien.
The witchy and the hubby waiting for the Emcee to call- in Bien's name on-stage. Dad here told me that he was inspired taking some photos. We look good together but wait... are we sad here? hehehe nasobrahan yata sa pag emote ang witch, nahhh... The only boy in the first row. Bien with his favorite smile. He calls that as a Zaido-BLAZE-Smile!!!

This is truly what dreams are made of.

My wishlist

1. one set of a witchy-like jewelry
2. books of Mitch Albom
3. meeting eve montilibano in person
4. losing five kilos this month

ito na yung matindi kong wish
5. magpapa-inject ng #### para mas lalong ######... wahihihihi

para sa mga amegah... baw ma-shock ka na lang....

o sya sya sya....I will change my number 5 list
ito na lang ulit

5. ma-meet si judyann santos in person

sana nga magkatotoo...

Different faces of Chuva

I love this girl.

Another award

Got this one from my friend Twerlyn. It it is indeed always exciting to be awarded. Thank you girl!!!
My turn to share this one to my following friends Recel, Genetics, Ice yelo, Liza ans Salvee.

Dec 17, 2007

Twinkle died today

Bien received his second honor award this day. As my husband promised Bien we painted the town with our smiles and laughters. We truly have a good time. Bien even told us that he was very happy.

When we got home, my niece LJ told me that my friend from highschool just died today. She got the news from her teacher Happy (Twinkle's younger sister). Happy told her to tell me that my friend is gOne.

It was last month when I saw her lying in a hospital bed. Smiling though not feeling so well.
My close friend Alma keeps on massaging her upper and lower extremities and she would tell her that it eases the pain she was feelin' while I was only in a corner, speechless, uneasy and in- out of wits. I was honestly scared. I always hate it when I saw sick people suffering. I always feel the pain in their eyes and the fear to die. You can imagine how obviously scared I was at that time.

Twinkle, I am praying for your soul now. Your with Jesus and with Mommy brenda too (her mom). Even if were not very close, I know your watching me as I am now encoding my thoughts for you. I could not say I love you because were not really that tight... but you know how much I respect you and admired you as a person.

Twinx..... our last talk was about Matet and your belief that I was angry at you because of what happen to Matet. It feels better now that we have given each other the chance to clarify all those issues. I remember how much we hugged each other for letting go of those issues. You smiled to me and told me that I am a kind person, that my heart is pure.... ( my god.... honestly, I doubt it) but it freed me from the guilt I am supposed to feel now.

Thanks for that chance Twinkle.

I will never forget you
and the way you have implanted the most important lesson you have taught me.


I just hope to really have it, by heart.

Dec 9, 2007

I feel your pain

I just feel the sadness in my friend's life today.
Her mommy is begging for a mercy killing.
She just cried .....she can not let it happen.
Obviously her mom has been suffering from a serious sickness.
It is really painful to see your loveones suffering.
To hear them crying
and begging you to help them stop the feelin'.
Sometimes when the pain is unbearable, we rather want to die.
Nanliit tuloy ako for giving up sa konting problemang dumadaan sa buhay ko.
(Shame on me for sometimes giving up in a small problems I am encountering).
Now I have three questions in my mind.....
How good that death still exist?
Is happiness temporary?
Is pain unavoidable?

Shoelace..... I give you my heart.
I give you friendship.
In times you need some ears, I am here...

Dec 8, 2007


Day and night in my heart and yours I am with you.
From a helpless baby boy now your growing and deciding your own.
Whenever I saw the eagerness in you to soar, to learn and to do things in your own
it keeps the smile on my face
You do wonders in my life son.
You make me sad only if I saw you hurting
and making things wrongly and when you don't listen to us, it tears my heart into pieces.
I pray that you will grow up a fine man son. A man who can manage his own emotions, his own life. A man who can bring joy to his friends, family and loveones. Most of all a good citizen who can make his countrymen proud.

When my Mom told me that you are climbing the mango tree in our backyard, I was not scared at all. You know why son?
I saw in your eyes the determination to learn climbing, your goal.
I am proud seeing you like that.
I even paused for a while, watching how you do things in your own and my god, I even enjoyed it. What a sight!!!

Your grandmother saw it too. So she took a picture of you. I am thankful she did that. I will never forget this picture son.
This will always remind me of my role as a mother.

I will always listen to you my baby. In time, you will also listen to me.
I am also sure that you will go places. You will make your life successful.
I believed in you.

Dec 5, 2007


Whenever I feel so sad or I feel so lousy finishing my report, black curtain uplifts my mood. I am a bit pressured right now. I have to finished today my IEE report for my two clients. Tinatamad pa ako (I feel so lazy). I can not think well. I told Gina about it (Gina is my mom's sister). When I finished taking a bath, I found a black curtain hanging in my room. Abahhh.... I feel alive. Psychologically, it helps my mood to work now. Thank you Gina babyyyy!!
Funny... I am acting like a depressed woman today. I am so sad that I have not watched BATANES movie yesterday! Huhuhuhu
'la lang... ambabaw ko talaga. Hmp!! kainis.

Coffee Witch

(She loves coffee and so she planted one three years ago.
Now she's harvesting and tasting it!!!)

Last week together with my son, we visited our dad and our cute home in Davao. Its been so long since our last visit here. We arrived night time already so when I woke up in the morning craving for my coffee habit, I remember the tree I planted three years way back. So excitedly I rushed to our backyard grabbing gently my son so that I could tell him the story about how I planted this coffee tree. I was really surprised seeing the tree full of red coffee beans.
You could imagine me clapping my hands and jumping!!!
My husband takes care of it pala. Natuwa ang bruha. Galing!
This is how it feels to be excited in a small things, huh...(~_~)!!

My boyfriend Ervien (hehehe) find me cute and so he took pictures together with my coffee dear.
Murag model na noon ko sa kape duh (I feel like a coffee model)
errr... {*=*}

My Childhood Car

This car will always remain in my heart. It is part of our family. My Papa used to fetch us from school and bring us in the beach for a family outing.

For some, it may be a junk but for me it is a precious jewel that will always have a spark in my heart.

Mmmm... have you seen that cute broomstick?

My pumpangkins (pamangkins) love that thing now. Hahahahaha
One of our bonding time is cleaning our backyard during weekends and my kiddos have also put a stick on their brooms and together we will shout this " Broomstick family!!!!"

My father would just smile while watching us. I know he is always happy seeing her 29 year old only daughter playing like a child to his grandchildren.

Have you tried playing with kids? Wow men, it is very therapeutic!


While I am addicted in collecting Paulo Coelho's and Mitch Albom's book , my mom is also into her rare plant collection. When I read my friend Salvee's article about her being a gumamela lover, I can not help but smile. I remember my mom. How she takes care of her plants, how she wakes up every morning to be with them and how important they are to her.

I was inspired today to took so
me photos and chat with my mom regarding my friend SalVee. Wow, Ms Salvee my Mom said if you can come here in General Santos City, She will be touring you in her small flower garden and would probably give some of her baby gumamela plants. She will be happy to have you here !!!

Take this pictures. They are all for you my Friend..

Dec 3, 2007

A thank you message for Jayvee

Thank you fren for your early christmas gift. The Fifth Mountain book of PC, the pink bag, all the cute papernotebooks and stationaries and mostly for loving and trusting in our friendship. Shockss... I am blessed enough to have you!
I hope to be with you this christmas time.
Hey, for sure I will be watching Batanes Movie by Ken and Izza tommorow, first day and first hour at KCC Mall here in General Santos City. Bleehhh...... mauuna ako sayo....

3 things I am addicted to....

Tagged to me by my sweet friend SalVee.....

The three things I'm into right now are the following:

WitchyBoop is a big fan of JuDy Ann SAntOs. Juday is now endorsing the FOR ME brand of clothing and because of that Witchy couldn't sleep peacefully without having owned a single stuff from this shop. One day (last week during her one week vacation in Davao to visit a dear friend Nancy) before going home to Gensan she bought a blouse and a skirt. You can now imagine her happy face.... winks!!

Since the My Girl Korean Soap Opera aired in ABS CBN, Witchy can't help control her sanity whenever Lee Dong Wook's picture is around. He can make her crazy like the character Veronica did in Paulo Coelho's Book "Veronica decides to die". So far far far .... Witchy got plenty of his pictures and DVD movies as well.

( some of the books were not in the picture below, borrowed by her highschool best friend Alma)
all the books of Paulo Coelho.
Finally, only the book entitled The witch of portobello is not yet in her collection . The said book was out of stock last week when Witchy decided to complete all the books written by PC.
From The alchemist, Eleven Minutes, Pilgrimage, Valkyries, By the river Piedra I sat down and cry, Veronika decides to die, Zahir, Fifth Mountain and The Devil
and Ms Prym were already in her bookshelves.
Witchy is so addicted to Paulo's enchanting works. Like him, she also believes with all her heart that
when you want something, all the universe will conspire in helping you to achieved it.
His words are her inspiration. It is like a bible to her. It keeps her moving like a water that gives a ripples in other person's life.

Now it is her turn to tag her good friend Jayvee, Denz, Darlene, Lira, Nancy, Gladys and Evelyn.