Nov 5, 2007

For Nancy

Guys, the friendship you give me is the sky above my home. The clean cystal air that I breath, through which I see. I can not believe how much you two mean to me.
We may not see each other all the time but my love for both of you will remain in my heart. With out you with me, time would turn to stone. I need your friendship and most of all I need you both WHOLE. In times your wounded heart can hardly bear.. I will be there, absolutely.

To Nancy my sexiest fren (next to me… eheheheheh) goodluck to your operation this 15th. I am scared but I know God will make it easy for you.
You know why I need you Girl? Maybe because you always awaken my senses to be fully who and what I am. I NEVER EVER BEEN SO DRAMATIC TO YOU …. Just now….just now…
With you and our besfren Eves… we share a grace that never ends.
(shittt…rhyming words man gyud… Picture ninyung duha ni eves beh..kadtong nagsassy- girl nga pose…paki-email kay i-post nako nganhi… and diay, hows your photoshop? Kaya mo yan oi… kadali ra ato… lisud pa ning blogging)


Nancy said...

frnd...sensya na jud kaau karon lang ko kahapit diri sa imo in whole day ko nagwara-wara sa davao gahapon...pag abot nko, wa nako ka bloghop ky mo piyong na jud akong mata...

thanks sa article..touched man sad kaau ta oi...always welcome ghapon ka dri oi..naulaw lng jud bitaw ko, wa ko ka prepare..tagsa ra baya unta ka kaanhi..

i-email nko soon ang picture namo ni evs.thnx sa photoshop lessons.I will work on it after the operation, promise.:-)

Thank you sad kaau sa visit ninyo ni Ervs.I appreciate it so much!

wITChy Boop said...

aausss... ikaw pah... mahal kita bruhaaaa.....ayyyy, ako pala yun.. ehehehe