Apr 27, 2007

Kung pwede lang sana

From the house of TK


Apr 25, 2007

Andy Garcia knocks me off my feet....

(The photos shown above were my funny facial reaction while watching the video)

My Bestfriend Eves published this video for me.
I was waiting for some words to appear in my brain but I am still empty or really I have nothing to say. Many years ago, I was inlove with this man. Dapat ang lalaking mamahalin o magugustuhan ko kamukha nya. Aba... nakakaluka talaga. May natagpuan din naman ako.... sayang nga lang kasi nung medyo malapit ko ng mapasagot, nag-away pa kami dahil sa school politics. Tsk.tsk.tsk. Kung di ukol talagang di bubukol. Buti naman dahil kung hindi siguro I wont be this happy with the man I married. Di man sya kamukha ni Andy G., ka-version naman nya si Jack Black. Nyahahaha! Love you Dad!

I was watching this video yesterday and today and maybe even the day after tomorrow. I have long forgotten how he became part of my 'younger years'. Mga ten years na rin yata na hindi ko naiisip ang ugok na ito. That is why I was so engrossed sa iya nga video. (Animal gyud ayu ning akong besfren oi. I love you Bes! )

In any event, words may not appeared on this page,but my urged to really document my feelings for him wont disappoint my readers.

Oh how i love every angle of this man...

Click this:" Sharp Dressed Man"...

Apr 22, 2007

Idol ko si Juday!!

Pasensyahan na hane? Idol ko lang po kasi si Juday kaya magpapa-topless drama din byuti ko.... hehehehe

Apr 14, 2007

I like the way it was edited

This made me cry even without understanding the words...
The look in thier eyes and thier facial expression says it all

Baba Mahzuni

From my new friend who is my partner in an online study for turkish language MURAT KAYA.

Apr 12, 2007

KCC Incident

As I was walking in KCC near the stall of HBC, I was intensely looking to a certain guy who's move looks very familiar even the way he laid eyes on me. While looking at him my mind was drifting where did I met him. I honestly don’t remember the guy and while my brainpower was so busy retaining some information about him he was already bumping me in my right side going out to KCC. He then smiled surprisingly and got my hand and it was already too late for he was shaking and holding it gently.

Mon: Sisi ka na for dumping me no?

He said while showing me his white sparkling teeth. He is very tall that I still have to move my head upward.

Me to my self: How come I have lapse in memory trying to remember who he has been in my life? He was my ex , unsa bah!

Me to him: Halaka! Sir Sorry talaga but I really don’t know you.

Mon : Lovely, its been so long, don’t kid uy. Coffee sa ta.

Me to him: Sir you have mistaken me for somebody. Di po ako si Lovely, si Juday po ito.

Then I walked away elegantly. Ignoring him really. When I looked back a few steps he was still looking patently to me. Since he caught me watching him, I smiled back as he smiled and waived goodbye to me gently. I almost want to spank my self for looking back.

I saw his lips smiling like the way he used to do ages ago when he finds me amusing.

Ngano ka ha? I wonder.

Mao diay, I remember how crazy I was for Judyann Santos when we were still together. I could afford canceling our dates, planting some cutting classes jobs everytime Juday's movie is shown on its first day.

This brings me to write my first Sonnet.

Eww!!! di ko muna i-published today... di ko pa feel

Apr 11, 2007

Hidden talent

Your hidden talent is lying

You are able to lie to anyone and get away with it. Sometimes you even do it for fun. You are specifically skilled at acting and bluffing during poker. And you know that to be a good liar you should give lots of details, to be a great one you give no details at all.

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I just realized how lying been a part of me.
Nakks.... di pala ako pwedeng maging saint.
Sige na nga.. magpapakacreative writer na lang ako!!!