Nov 7, 2007

Mom and Dad

Why can't life be perfect?
Why can't life be packaged up nicely, complete with an instruction booklet?
Why can't we see the future so we can make perfect decisions?

but anyway smelling the roses
playing and dancing in the rain,
cooking and eating food you want
and being with your friends, family and love ones
is morethan enough to sigh that

Life is a road we travel.
Learning comes along the way.
If we cannot learn as we live, where is the gain?
There is pain and there is heartbreak... yeahhh
but there is also love and forgiveness.
Open your heart and enjoy your journey.

I am not perfect, nobody is
but for now I am happy
I can sleep with a smile
I can walk with a big grin on my face

In this journey I am so lucky to have them both
my mom
my dad
I love you.
You make my life colorful.
You make my life great.

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