Nov 5, 2007

Photograph and memories

Photographs will help us understand who we are and from whom we become.
Somebody said (but I forgot who he is) that photos are precious pieces of life tha can be held in the hand.

This blog was introduced to me by my Bestfriend. So from jotting down in my diaries I then trasfer into blogging. From here I am now organizing a wonderful memories I have with my family, friends and love ones. Labelling my golden moments is surely a hit. A memory that would last a lifetime na pwede kong ipamana sa aking mga magiging anak, apo, eheehee and all those who will see their reflected faces in the photograph and all those who will read their part in my life.

My father appreciated my blog. I just showed it to him just now. He was so amazed. Heheheheh my ever number one fan.

He told me that it is a renewed sense of identity.
Wowoweeee.... ang lalim kaya?

Mao run.... nainspired noon ko to do a family heirloom. You know when I will finish it... i will compound my sense of satisfaction by offering help to my friends to do the same.

Anyway, with this we could make a maze or a door or a window to our past.

Murag computer gyapun... hyperlinking lang ng linking.... geeeez....

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