Jul 28, 2009


Calalily is my favorite flower ever.
Sabi ko nga sa nanay kong mahilig sa tanim bagay sa akin ang bulaklak na ito kasi enchanted parang ako. Di sa pumayag mas bagay daw sa aking maging Dama de noche. Kagila-gilalas! Hahahahahaha!Natawa tuoly ako kasi pati si Mommy nakikisali na sa kalokohan ko.


Jogging is what we do every mornings of Saturdays and Sundays!

Jul 23, 2009

Lover's in Paris

I was in Davao when I texted my bestfriend Evelyn to visit me home.
We prefer kasi to spend time together in Dacoville (where we spent memories with janet during our college days) than strolling around in the mall. That way, I can cook for them. She appreciates my cooking kaya ko sya labs .

She was telling me the Korean telenobela na Lover’s IN Paris aired in AbsCBN. At that time, I was not watching any TV shows pa. Ewan kung bakit. I might be busy siguro working in the field. Imposible naman na I won’t watch TV kasi nung hindi pa nauuso ang internet at cable, apart from book reading, I’m a certified TV addict.

I smelled her! She loves that soap opera! She is really into Vivian and Carlo. Duda nga ako na until now, she’s not over yet ke Carlo! She was even amazed how Korean Artist do their story. Simple plot, basic boy meets girl story and yet, they can make the audience fall into the character so deeply.
I also remember discouraging her na hindi magaling ang Korean.
In-edit lang yan ng mga pinoy. Mas magaling pa rin ang mga Pinoy Bes!
Ganyan ang sinabi ko at marami pang iba. Not considering how involved she was sa soap na yun ha? Pero sadya ngang magaling magtago ng feelings si Bes kasi nga no argument happened. She makes everything smooth-sailing despite of all my panlalait sa mga Korean soap opera’s that she currently love watching. Nyeee…naisip ko tuloy ang sama ko naman, di ko pinakinggan si Bes! But don’t worry Bes, kinain ko naman yung mga sinabi ko.

After her visit, I made sure to watch the show. Believed me, just like other pinoy, na-hooked na rin ako ng Lover’s in Paris.

By August yata Piolo and KC will be doing the Pinoy version of it.
Pero mas panonoorin ko yata ang version ng Full House ni Richard Guttierez and feeling ko lang, yung kapatid ni Ara Mina ang magple-play ng role ng bidang girl.
Di ko kasi masyadong like si Piolo kapag hindi di Juday ang partner nya. Sa mga bagay na iyan, pasensya na, traditional ako.

Keep them real

The house is never the same without them. I wanted to object when their Mom Cielo took them from us but I refrain from doing so. I knew how she feels living far away from her kids. I’m a witness how affected Maxine and Lean are. No matter how much we have shown love for the kids, iba pa rin ang pagmamahal ng ina. Itong puso ko, nasa mga bata. I’m also a mother. God knows how much I sacrificed for Bien and it was all worth it. My only question is that why can’t she sacrifice for her 3 wonderful daughters?

It was more than five months when she left the kids including her 6 months old baby to us. I honestly understood her feelings but whenever I saw Maxine crying quietly inside her room, I hate her. I hate her being so selfish. I hate her for not trying to fixed things up between her and my brother. I even hated my brother three times more than I hated Cielo.
Hate ko silang dalawa for giving that kind of life to their daughters!
Maxine telephoned us. In our phone dialogue she told us na wala silang baon sa school. She got no books!
It tear my heart into pieces. They’re never been in that situation when they were here.
My parents will provide for them. I will also make sure to buy some things we share to make fun. I facilitate their needs in schooling. They will sleep with me, watch Tele with me, laugh and play with me. We spend our whole day together especially when I’m just home.
Kaya nung umalis sila, masyado akong nanibago.
Cielo and my brother Darwin know what kind of relationship the kids do have to us. They were our babies and up to now, we still long for them.

Working Vacation

While working as an Evironmental Writer, I had with me my most respected Photographer/Artist partner Yuri. She drives her own old car when we travel outside the City for work. We have fun and never felt like working at all.
Its already been five months that we have not work together so her visit to me yesterday was a big surprise. She came from a seventy-minute travel from Maasim, Sarangani Province with her brand new car. I'm not so sure about the brand so surfing acura tl review will help us visualize the newest model she got.

My astonishment seems endless. In my whole life I never imagine
owning a car. Riding a public utility jeepney, bus, and any other transportation vehicle is enough satisfaction. From there, I would have more chance of knowing my neighbors and other people I mingled with while mobiling publicly. But not for a few minutes yesterday while seeing her going out from the driver seat of her newly acquired baby. I'm aching to know more about scion tc. I just remember reading that in a magazine with a friend in a cafe last month!

I daydream of owning that kind of vehicle too! Driving it with my own witch like fashion attire while going back again to law school.

“Look at my new car!” she told me.
“Trouble-free. Everything is easy to use.” She added while my eyes, still glued to her car.
“Who gave you that?” I asked her . I touched the car slowly as if I’m confirming if its real or not.
“I bought it through net.” she answered.
And I said “Wow, great!”

We go out together and have the car tested in Oval Plaza, just in the City proper of General Santos. We texted Gladys and Nayumi to join us in our fun driving activity yesterday.
When Gladys and Nayumi saw the car, obviously, they felt the same way I do. Nayumi keeps on asking her about the a certain model of a car and so they talk about kia reviews

The car is easy to use. It is affordable and satisfaction is 110 percent guaranteed!

P.S. I Love You

I read this book twice.
The first was in Midsayap last year while doing something and the second one was this week. I esteemed the story in my last reading. I was involved!

The person who crossed my mind is my good friend Jayvee. I remember her chaos during the time when her husband, a very good friend, go through a serious puwedeng fatal disease. He is better now and I truly thank God for that wonderful miracle.

In the book
Holly’s husband died. For a time, the wife grieved her loss. What amazes me was the way her husband, even in death, helped her survived and accepted the loss. In the end, Holly live her life again.

Why Ireland
Gerry, the deceased husband lived in Ireland. At the end of the story, in a way, the place was featured with its simple and astonishingly nice setting!
(Naisip ko rin na kaya pala napili ni Michael Jackson umi-stay ng two years sa Ireland after nung kaso nya dahil sa simpleng pamumuhay dun).

Remembering Jayvee
I remember Jayvee because I always wonder why she’s into Ireland and Irish human beings as well. I know the place is beautiful and the human beings too but I WONDERRRRRR still.

Inorder to satiate my curiosity I even tried reading books authored by Irish people like Frank McCourt, Alice Sebold and Cecilia Ahern.
It was only today that I appreciated Jayvee’s craze .
Jayvee seems to be very influential to me.
She brought me the koreanwave and now the Irishwave.
Ano pa kaya?
Hmm… an Irish music and food?
Why not…

Teka, sabog yata ang utak ko parati.
My thoughts are not organized.
Basta kung ano lang ang maisip yun ang isinusulat.
Idol ko kasi si Chowder ng Cartoon Network.
Scattered Brain! A-ha-ha! Di na bale.
Di ko naman kelangan magpataba ng ego.

Jul 19, 2009

The Half Blood Prince

I was in the theater during the first day-showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Take note, first day and first hour of the worldwide showing.

I've been hoping that General City would also consider the worldwide showing of that movie. Kasi kung hndi, namu-mublema si witchy! Davao is a three-hour ride pa from GenSan. So ang sigurado akong mangyayari is tatawidin ko talaga ang mga bundok makapanood lang!
Ang babaw ko nga because I was really happy participating in that big event! Basta JK Rowling, I always consider it bIg tiMe.

I had with me my cellphone and have dialed my friend's number when the white-bearded Hogwart's master died in the story. Then, they will phone me back para sabihing masama akong tao for watching alone! YeP, tama! Masama talaga because when I'm into something, I wanted to be alone! Nang-asar lang kaya me tawag-kita-phone gimmik.

I'm done reading all the Harrypotter Books tapos yung pinaka-highlight para sa akin ay 'yung movie. Kaya gagawin ko talaga lahat makapanood lang ng first-day-first-hour!

Regarding the movie, I have no disappointments at all. Yun nga lang, bitin ang movie but there's nothing to worry kasi bitin nga talaga iyon kahit sa book.
It was really like that, once you are there, you would ask for more!
But in the end, I will assure you na makukuntento kang talaga.
Basta ako, nung natapos ko na lahat basahin, suwabe ang aking pagkabusog!

Naisip ko lang na if ever na hindi ko talaga nasubaybayan ang book, maloloka ako sa pagkabitin. Really, I'm glad to have eaten all the book series.

So right now, 'm busy reading the books again.

Siguro 'yung book seven hahatiin sa dalawang movie para lang magkasya ang buong story ng Harry Potter.

aahhh.... i can't wait!