Nov 19, 2007

Lydia Andrea

Her name Lydia was taken from my grandmother (the mommy of my father) who died long time ago and I even was not lucky enough to feel her in person. She is my Lola Lydia Patricio (the name Andrea came from my father's ... ANDREW).

Last November 1, 2007, during our padasal (prayer) for our departed love ones, the woman who lead the padasal uttered the name of Lydia referring to my lola.
This little girl abruptly asked my mommy why she heard her name.
My mom sweetly smiled at her and told her that the prayer is for our lola not hers.
Le-an (Lydia's nickname) shouted to everybody that her name is not a name of a dead person.
"Dili lagi himatay ang pangalan nako!!!!" Everybody laughed at her gestures. She was really very cute.
"Dili gyud ko Lydia....muundang nako sa school lagii..." he shouted

One week after that when she arrived from school, Le-an was crying so hard.
She entered my room and told me that she dont want to go to school anymore.
I was a bit worried about what happen to her in school so I asked her why.
She answered to me that her teacher told her to write her name Lydia in a paper.

"Dili lagiii koooo" desperately she said
" Why ? What name do you like di-ay?" I asked her
"Loviellyjoy akong gusto!" she exclaimed
I was smiling.
How sweet ba diay ning little girla oi.
"Aba at gusto mo pang agawin name ko haaa...." I told her.
"Basta Tita, basta.... loviellyjoy na ko."

Well, what can I do? Ako na ang impostora karun.


salve said...

hi, girl! i have tagged you. please see my latest post. :D

Parisukat said...

hehe cute naman! hmmmm I'm glad you and your son loves reading my posts. :) I'm so overwhelmed. I could only say thank you!

evz said...

hahahaha! i love you gurl!ganahan jud kau ko aning bataa bah!hehe!