Nov 17, 2007


I stayed at home today and postponed my trip to Davao.
Haaa...heavy rain, thunder, flood in Puting Bato here in Barangay Calumpang General Santos caused the evacuation of some residents to Barangay Gym delayed my plan.

(Purok Puting Bato is a place heavily populated. Full of voters. The area is within the seashore of Saranggani Bay located in one of the largest barangay in GSC.)

Poor children.
I actually saw them carrying their own things.
A family holding hands together, helping each other walking against the flood while saving some things they could still used.

These people are squatters.
Filipino who have not owned even a piece of land in our own country.
Two years ago the LGU in GSC relocated them already.
Majority of them sold the land awarded to them by our government and decided to go back in Puting Bato. I personally know some of them.

It is just a cycle.
You relocate them
They will sell the land awarded to them
and go back to being a squatter.

My God...
Only here in my beloved Country.
Anyway, I am still hopeful that things will get better soon.

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Parisukat said...

wow! is the rainfall that heavy there? At least here it isn't that much. hmm except here inside my room.....