Oct 30, 2008


Brandon: Makainis ka man Bien. We were disqualified again because of you. Dapat kasi frog jumping ang ginawa mo. Tuloy talo tayo.

Bien: What? (ee pinalaki pa ang mata habang nakatitig sa nanunumbat na si Brandon)
T-rex jumping yung ginawa ko oi. I was so fast,can't you see.

Brandon: (Nakangiti na) Di naman na-follow yung instruction kaya disqualified tayo.

Bien: Hayy... anu ba yan! (Dahan -dahan na medyo may diin ang boses nyang sagot na para bang siya ang leader ng mga sigang bata sa kanto ~hihihi) Bakit kasi may instruction pa (pagigil nyang sinabi).

At eto ang reaksiyun ko.

Haaaaa.... maka-shockk kasi parang ako pala itong batang ito. Inis sa instructions. Di sumusunod sa eksaktong rules. Amazing talaga. Sometimes you could see your self to the little ones. Kawawa pala tingnan yung mga taong me sariling mundo tulad ko. Ahahahahaha
So wat? Cocow~nut?
But seriously, I've got some working to do. Di puwedeng mamana ni Bien ang ugaling yan sa akin.
He must be like his Dad. I'm proud to say na talagang obedient at pasensyoso sa mga rules and regulations ang Daddy~ ang layo ko kaya sa kanya. Wala po akong pasensya~ nakaka-guilty naman na ito yung nakikita ni Bien na ugali ko... Nyaaayyy~~~ di pwede ~~~ di talaga pwedee kaya kelangan kong magbago.

Oct 27, 2008

It was long ago when I've seen my self sleeping in bed. I realized that having a soul is true. My being nocturnal started there. I've always been scared to sleep but human as I am~ I have no choice but satiate my needs. I sleep.
In the middle of the night I felt so hungry and decided to sneak around the kitchen~ find something to eat. Suddenly, when I looked at my bed, I saw my self still sleeping. It surprised me! Thrilled all my senses (and so, the soul has still a feeling huh? I wonder.) I closed my eyes and concentrated on my willingness to go back to my body. I prayed so hard because I still wanted to live. I know that if I can't come back, it will be the end of my life. And there, when I opened my eyes, I'm in my fleshy sexy (~~) body again.
It could only be a dream. . .
Who knows?
But I believed it is more than a dream. I know it happens.

One time when Daddy asked me if I only spend 2 hours sleeping all day
I just ignored him and shrugged my shoulder. Napansin nya pala.

So in my solitary nights, I have my books to accompany me. My music. My PC. And my movies.

Oct 19, 2008

Actually this was the first time where I could not help my son.
I was just only an onlooker. Highly prohibited to be available anytime he needed me.
It was only himself that was there to depend on.
Exaggerated maybe but it was like watching a horror film seeing my son walking in the rope tied up in a 10 feet high trees. Nanlamig ako and I found my self cheering him like big fan of Bien (actually, I am a fan)“Go Bien Go!!!

Oct 12, 2008

The One

When I attended the parental meeting last time the teacher told me lots of funny thing Bien had done during the class. I really had fun hearing those things and imagine how excited I am to blog all those.

Here's one:

The lesson was all about how to save the Pasig River. Bien raised his right hand and answered the question on how is he going to save the river.

Bien: Teacher, I will gather all my friends like Vincent (then he look at where Vincent is)
the good one, he added, Brandon the smart one, Cammille ( while smiling and watching
girl) my girlfriend, my only one and Gypsy, the fat one ( the class were all laughing
when he mentioned the name of Gypsy like the way they giggles when he said the
Cammille is his one and only) to clean the Pasig River.

Teacher: Very good Bien. You were able to use some adjectives in your answer. What about
you? What can you say about your self ?

Bien: Me? I'm the one.... (he said that daw proudly)