Oct 24, 2009

Boyfriend kong fresh-looking

Guys! Ayan na si Wookie. Kagigising nya lang this morning after our ~~~ hehehe.
Pasensya na, malandi kasi ako!
Look at him. He look so fresh kapag bagong gising.
Akalain nyo bang maiinlove sya sa sexy'ng bruha na katulad ko.
Jackpot! Fafaboom na fafaboom!!!

Oct 22, 2009

"Maybe we should kiss, just to know what the big deal is..."

I just watched this last night and I was giggling at the thought of these kids about kissing.
Parang ang sarap maging bata uli. Their innocence is overwhelming.
Magkakaiba man tayo sa prinsipyo at sa isipan but I guess, we all feel the same when somebody we love kiss us or we kiss that someone we love!

Nyaayy.... (narember ko tuloy ang aking first kis! hehehehe)

Oct 19, 2009

This is one of the MTV that I find nice. Parang ang ganda ni Regine dito.

Oct 14, 2009

Chocolate Hills

Me Chocolate Hills din dito sa Gensan. My Mom owns it. Nyeee... yabang naman. Pero kasi mura lang ito nung nabili nya. Panahon pa ng Japanese. Naku ! Hala! Me ginto kaya dyan? Wla yata, matutunaw ang gold dyan sa sobrang init. Hehehe anu yun? Solyubol?

Nakiusap lang ang Mommy na i-post ito today kasi titingnan daw ni Lola na nasa Manila na ngayon.
O ayan na Mommy
Mission accomplished!

Love you Lola. See you this summer. uuwi kami dyan.


Happy and Glee

Bien's fashion show yesterday was fun! He was wearing a basketball attire for Sport's Fashion Show and was paired with Cammille with a Volleyball Wear.
As much as he wanted not be laughed at, he just can't get away from it. Bien would always be the Darling of the Crowd. He walks like a Dino! Hahahahaha
I can't even control my self from laughing and that includes everybody including the teachers.
I have the feeling that he loves it. He ended the fashion show making everybody sweep off their feet.
Hindi naman ito yung first time na ginulo nya ang audience. I just can't explain the way he do things on stage at kung bakit he could easily make everyone laugh. Wala lang, naturally kataw-anan siguro sya.


It is your choice to be alone. And until now I still can't understand how can you hurt deeply those you said you love? In my heart all I can say was that you've been so selfish. You know how many hearts you have broken and what burden you've caused our family.

I've read what you have written in many characters from my books you've borrowed. It does not fit you. How can you love those people whom you will only appreciate when you just need something?

That, that someone specially you are sorry for? You just need her more because she is the only one you've got and the only one you can still surely suck.

From the start you know you can't fool me right? We both knew that.

Kasi write something from you. I'm not telling you to be a shit forever but I'm just suggesting that you have to accept who you are because only in that way you can be able to change your life again. A life with out us being tormented.

Now I knew why I always fail to love you as part of my family no matter how I tried. I can not love you because you don't know what it means.

But my hope is still here. I'm holding on it. Someday, when you'll know how to love, I will reach out to you.

A visit from Maxine and Lean

The whole family can't get enough from their visit with us last September. We were all in a gay mood having them for one week.
I was taking a bath pa nga when they came and Lean forced herself to get in. She succeeded getting inside since I didn't closed my door well. We were all shouting and laughing. God , I miss her so much. She is too kikay not to be remembered. Actually my husband would always tell me that she is my kaugali. The younger version of Witchyboop!

Most probably next week during their semestral break, they will be coming back and we will be spending our time in Mt. Apo's Lake Agko. Obviously, I can't wait. I always love spending my nights with them together with the butterflies and fireflies. The place is so enchanted. Kulang na lang ng snow para kompleto na ako. Yeey!

Maxine would always be Bien's favorite. He was in a total Oh -no- I- can't- believe this face when she saw her again.
Mine is Lean.
She is my younger version and I will always love the way she cries, dances and everything else she does. She is an amazing kid. The world will never be the same with out her.
Me makikita ka pa bang bata na ginagawang hair dryer ang hand dryer ng Dunkin Donut?
Kaya tuloy pati sina Bien at Maxine nakigaya na rin. Hehehehe

Oct 12, 2009

Papa's New Wardrobe

I was looking for a unique on-line store that features almost everything and anything. So while I'm sweating out and working at home, I saved time from buying the things I needed with a great satisfaction! I can rest easy with no complains from ordering and delivering the products I just bought.

Today before going to work in Midsayap my father appreciated the men's wear I just bought for him as a thank you gift for the help he gave to my husband last month. He even told me that my taste is getting better! Well, he don't really like my fashion sense ever since I decided to become a witch until today.

He looks good on his pants! Papa even wondered how I estimated his measurements! Hahahahaha
I told him about my witchy spells and he laughed hard. But it was my Mom who helped me all through out the plan of giving him a gift from color-sizes!

Oct 10, 2009

Amazing Bags, Amazing Treats

When I was a little kid, my mom would brought us all to church with one savvy bag hanging on her shoulder. All we needed were inside her bag. Now I'm also doing the same thing. Wherever I go, I'd always have a bag which is enough for my son's stuff like reading materials, mineral water, snacks,favorite toy, towels, hanky and etc. Having all of those things inside the bag will keep my sanity intact for the whole day!

So you can now imagine my need to look good while bringing all those stuff. Using an appropriate bag for each occassion helps me feel confident about my looks.

I have come to love shopping on line at http://www.shopwiki.com/wiki/Bags. For a busy mother like me, it is a hassle free shopping. I'm indeed turning like my mom. A bag shopper!