Nov 8, 2007

A lot like Lovi

My friend Jei wrote this article for me.
Feeling ko tuloy ako si Ruffa G.
I feel like a celebrity witch.
Wooowwwww...... I am so importanttttt...(giggles)
Look Bru your such a great writer.
For me , your one of the best.
Thank you for this.

It is just so unwise to judge a person by her looks. No matter how she may give away a loveable and appealing persona to each and every homo sapien she meets, one way or another, she would still be capable of releasing her evil self that lurks around her every cell and atom to deal with its unfortunate prey. On the other hand, a person may have a character of someone who pumps ice, instead of blood, inside her heart but it is likely there’s also some little amount of holiness swimming along her red and white blood cells. This fact simply gives life to the century-old cliché “Nobody Is Perfect”. As much as all of us have our sinister character is as much as we have our immaculate personality. What matters is how one lives her own life and how well she can fairly cope up with whatever tribulations she meets along the way. She can be a saint or a demon. She can be a friend or a foe. She can be brave and cowardly. She can be loved today and be hated tomorrow. She can be...a lot like Lovi.

If I am to describe this no-nonsense girl in five words within two seconds, my mouth would definitely utter NOT YOUR DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. If you are to put her in a crate and send it to some planet where tough and independent people are very much needed, the box would definitely bore a sign that says: DON’T PROVOKE OR YOU WILL SEE HELL.
This stylish girl, who had curly mane as her distinguished trademark, was christened by her modish mom and environmentalist dad with a name that would best describe her as a person---Lovielly. But let’s call her Lovi instead.
Lovi is a woman who can be extra sweet and genuinely charming if she wanted to. But when the need arises, she also has her own bone-chilling claws and eerie fork tongue to use against people who belongs to this so-called Secret Society of Bitches and Assholes who deserved some slicing on their faces, ala-Wolverine style, and a deadly spit of venom on their wounds after some serious slicing, like a Black Mumba. Yeah…that would definitely make her day! What makes it more eerie is that she can do all these deadly acts having a sweet smile on her face…eeww, twisted!
But don’t assume things yet. Lovi may be tough and haughty, but she is not a merciless witch. In fact, once you get to meet and know her for the first time, you can quickly conclude she’s undeniably friendly and smart. Those deadly weapons just come in handy if she needs to ban self-centered people, who just can’t get enough of themselves, to enter her premises. Deep inside though, she has a good heart. She’s “none of the above” to multiple choices of insensitive, backbiter, pretentious and stuck-up.
So, what’s so good about Lovi? Ohhh, lots of things…

Fashionable Goddess

Stylish, yes. Very, in fact. But on this department, let me just emphasize that Lovi does not consult her wardrobe to some high-paid fashion designer and spend big bucks just to know what to wear. Her fashionista” image is
just maintained by religiously following her OWN style --- yeah, the Lovi way. And dig this. She finds happiness digging buckets and buckets of UK (ukay-ukay) clothes everyday. She calls it an “investment” and mind you, she’s 100% good at it.
Lovi loves to experiment with her evolving fashion sense. She loves being sexily stylish and trendy favoring backless or cleavage-revealing blouses all the time. Other people may find her style too daring or weird, but because she was born with unwavering confidence, she always looked awesome and chic strutting around with these kinds of wardrobes. Not once, did she look cheap on it. UK dresses are cheap but if it is worn by someone like Lovi, look again.
Her fashion experiments don’t scare her a bit. Instead, it boosts up her self-confidence the more. She loves to innovate. She finds joy in “brainstorming” her next wardrobe. She loves to play “matchmaker” to blouses and pants, scarves and skirts. The girl simply had an eye for fashion. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, this girl, who hails from General Santos City, will have her own boutique someday.

Vain in her every vein

Lovi used to hate make-ups and
I used to see her without any colors
painted on her face…not even a light
lipstick or a shiner maybe. The girl
was so aloof when it came to using
cosmetics and back then, not a single
soul can convince her to indulge into
it. There was even a time when his husband, also a good friend of mine, asked her what she wanted for her birthday --- a lipstick, a press powder or some blush-on. “Can you give me a perfume instead?” was the answer to the million-dollar question.
But Glory to God in the highest, after so many years of not seeing each other (she decided to settle in Gen San City after resigning from her stressful job), Lovi turned out to be this rosy-cheeked and red-lipped babe all of the sudden. I thought I could never see such a sight! As much as she loves to dress up is as much as she loves to be her own make-up artist. She detested it before. She can’t leave the house without it now.
The thing is, not only is she indulging into this colorful interest of hers but she’s also into revamping every inch of her body, from the tips of her hair down to the ends of her toenails. Not only are jewelries a woman’s best friend but a beauty regimen as well. For a woman who is so full of pep and enthusiasm, Lovi’s beauty rituals included first and foremost physical activities such as jogging, playing badminton and belly dancing to attain a heavenly figure. These forms of exercises also helped her be energetic at all times and not even a small amount of pressure and stress is allowed to invade her system. But Lovi does not deny the fact that she also tried diet pills from the “acceptable” Fitrum to the “just okay” Xenical down to the “Oh no, not that!” Ballerina. As of this writing, Lovi is still into the latter.
The regimen does not stop there, of course. As a young girl, she used to be depressed about these ugly scars on her face due to her skin asthma. Now, as a grown woman whose self-confidence had also heightened to its peak, her Depression Era was mightily changed into a Time of Transformation. Instead of lamenting over her disgraced skin, she consulted beauty products that would give her the pleasure of having smooth and clear skin.
Like millions of filipina, Lovi also wanted to attain fairer skin. Ever heard of the famous Metathione and Glutathione? To be honest I don’t really have any idea what’s the difference between the two but these “thione” siblings solicited a lot of testimonies that they truly whitens the skin. Lovi used to take the very expensive Met pills but because it resulted to some health problems, her doctor advised her to discontinue taking the pills. Imagine her frustration.
She’s reuniting herself with the ever dependable and more affordable Papayas again --- soap, lotion, the fruit itself --- name it, she uses it!
But Lovi’s healthiest regimen of all is maintaining a healthy diet. With the influence from her husband, she is in fact nearly converting herself into a vegetarian. It’s not that she’s an animal rights activist or something but she just wanted to free her body from taking meat. It was hard at first but equipped with enough determination, she’s winning the battle.
Lovi is undeniably vain but her vanity never crossed the border that could earn her a spot in the Secret Society Club. If vanity is giving her a sense of fulfillment, thus making her happy without stepping into other people’s toes, thus encouraging her to always have a positive outlook in life, then why stop this woman from doing so? She always feel beautiful inside and out and come to think of it, she really is. The last time we saw each other, I remembered her smart and beautiful son blurting “She’s a sexy Momma!”

Passionate Reader,
Fervent Writer

I’ve always known Lovi to be a passionate reader. She reads every book that her hands could grab and her eyes could see. And once she gets to like what she’s reading, definitely there will be no parting, not even a second, with that reading material no matter what it takes.
She especially loved to read books authored by Paulo Coelho and Mitch Albom, two novelists who’s every piece of literary works never fails to touch the souls of their readers. They love to write about ordinary characters with extraordinary lives. Coupled with a simple way of writing style, both novelists produce an exemplary work of art that could truly inspire anybody who reads it. That’s how Coelho and Albom are and Lovi just couldn’t get enough of them.
But being a wide reader, she never limits herself to reading only the works of those authors. She also finds joy and satisfaction reading from Shakespeare to Frank McCourt’s “Angela’s Ashes”, from J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher In The Rye” to Eve Montelibano’s taglish love stories, from Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Rolando de Quiros’ column down to the simplest essays created by her own friends who are also skillful writers like her. She simply adored books, may it be a paperback or hard-bound, new release or bought on sale. I wonder how big is her library now?
The girl loves to read a lot but her name is synonymous to writing. When it comes to playing with English, Tagalog and a little bit of Visayan words to create her own piece of literature, Lovi is a truly gifted individual. A girl who is never afraid to speak her mind is also a girl who never stopped herself from writing anything under the sun, moon and stars. Writing is always her passion, her outlet, her confidante, her first love.
Lovi’s passion for writing dates back ages and ages ago. Even before she entered her college years, she always knew she loved to write, thus taking up a Mass Communication course at the Holy Cross of Davao College.
She loves to document all her emotions either in a paper or her personal computer which one way or another helps her keep track of how she is growing as a person. Every happiness, frustrations, fear, grief and joy are painstakingly recorded, letting these emotions decide what she would write about and how she would write it.
What’s good about Lovi is that even though she is already too good a writer, she never ceases to learn more. She has her own Circle (of “writing” friends) wherein she shares most of her literary works to them as well as trying to learn from their writing style at the same time. She is happy every time she makes love with her laptop to create her masterpieces. But she’s happiest if she gets to read each and every article shared by her friends in the Circle. And how is the sharing done? Blogging, of course. Lovi’s Google Blogspot is her second home and her blissful dwelling. It’s undeniably her nirvana.
Getting back to the question again…what’s good about Lovi? To sum it all up, Lovi is a passionate reader and a fervent writer whose vanity makes her a fashionable goddess. She’s definitely an artist inside and out.

She who’s name is notting.

How lucky one is to have her as a friend.
Despite her imperfections and weaknesses,
In totality, she is indeed God-send

What would life be without her?
Whose existence simply gives joy to everyone.
A girl who knows how to heal one’s dying soul
And who never leaves a friend even when all is gone.

She can be a friend or a foe,
She can be very brave or cowardly,
She’s neither a saint nor a demon,
She is just…a lot like Lovi.

(Lovi is a kind of friend I could never imagine my life without. She’s truly one in a million. – jei agas)


Lerlyn said...

Wow! Now I know who you are not just a lil bit but almost all about you! To the writer, gosh the best! And to you Lovi/Loves, ur sexy and simply the best!I like you writtings here too! Saludo ako sayo kabayan!Patikim naman ng talento mo sa pagsulat!

wITChy Boop said...

salamat twerlll.... di baya gyud ko maayo.... pero salamat talagaaa