Nov 1, 2007

The beauty and the chick (from Jei)

I got a letter from my good friend. Actually, it’s a letter saved in a CD (technology nowadays may seem convenient and speedy but pens and papers remains to be the best way in making letters more personal and touching). She also saved two of her short literary works for my reading pleasure and some pictures taken while at work to show me how her career life contributes so much of the happiness she is experiencing nowadays. What’s more, I got a bonus! She included a song, untitled that is, because she said that the lyrics sums up all she wants to say to me.
It was a good song. Actually it’s a kind of music you would want to dedicate to a very depressed friend who sees nothing but the worst side of life. A feeling I am very familiar with. It amazes me thou that my good friend was so sensitive enough to truly grasp the kind of turmoil I am undergoing with my life. Also, in just a short span of time, she was able to find a song fitted for my sentiments and lamentations (good grief! Am I turning to be a bitchy drama queen?). But given the fact that she’s an artist inside and out, I should not have wondered in the first place.
Reading her letter and listening to the song afterwards moved me so much. Add the fact that she had done a lot of great effort just to make me feel good about myself made my tears want to burst out from my eyes, but hey, I’m in the office for crissake, so phuleezz, not a single tear! Looking silly and mushy in front of my officemates is the last thing I want to happen.
Ours is a friendship that started not so long ago. We hit it off because we had the same favorites in almost everything --- music, movies and showbiz personalities (oh yeah, we just can’t get enough of showbiz! Call us baduy but we’re a die hard fan of Sheryl Cruz, Judy Ann Santos and Sharon Cuneta). Recently, our camaraderie became strong and profound because we both realized we share the same passion --- reading and collecting books. Books, may it be a paperback or hard-bound, new release or bought on sale, is one thing we are forever slaving ourselves for. If Gollum considers Sauron’s ring his precious, we on the other hand considered books as our valued treasure.
We also love writing. The difference is, she always knew that writing is her one true passion. Me, on the other hand, just recently realized that I love to write. To be a columnist or an editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine is an ultimate dream of mine. But since I’m still in the “I-doubt-if-I-can-do-this” stage, so….heck, I don’t know!
I saved the file in my office computer so that every time depression takes me (I always have this when I’m at work), just a few clicks from my computer mouse, then ta da! loads of inspiration would chase the devil away and kick its butt out of my system. Geez, sometimes I’m close to believing that I do need a shrink badly.
Having someone who shares the same brain waves like I do is such a wonderful and comforting feeling. What’s really cool about it is that my friend and I don’t see each other often. She’s a Gen San beauty while I’m a Davao chick. But who could stop two wonderful and artistic bitches from being friends? Now is not a Stone Age era but a period of gushing technologies. We’re also “techies”, mind you. Darn! Are we superwomen or what?

The beauty…doing her groceries with son BS.

The chick…during her baby Stan’s 1st birthday party.

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