Nov 30, 2009

One More Time with Gladys

We were strolling Robinsons nung panahong bagong bukas pa lang ito.
Nauna syang pumasok dun sa grocery section ng mall.

Guard: Good morning Maam.

Gladys gave him her usual flirtatious smile. Eh sa ganun sya eh, 50 percent lang yung pagka-kiri ko kumpara sa kanya. Napapasimangot ako kapag ganun sya. Minsan kasi feeling ko hindi talaga namimili ang bruha.

Papasok na rin ako. Kasunod nya.

Guard: (Manyak, nakatingin sa cleavage ko) Ang ganda nyo Maam. (Bati nung guwardiya)

Ngeek... wala akong nakita, walang narinig. Magaling yata akong mang -ignore.
Biglang me pumalag! Medyo nagulat ako.

Gladys: Ulit, ulit! Bumalik si Gladys sa kanyang dinaanan. Unfair yan! Sabihin mo rin sa akin yung sinabi ko sa kanya.

(Napa-smile ng matamis yung guard. Buti na lang di masyado busy)
Guard: Actually Maam, mas maganda po kayo.

Gladys: Korek!!! Mas maganda talaga ako dyan. Suplada yan eh.

Ayan! Nilait nya ako. Pero subrang saya na n'ya noon ha?
Tama ba yun? Justice!
We've been friends since birth and I will always love her everything. Idol ko talaga s'ya pagdating sa lakas ng loob. Key of Valor! Si Gladys na yun.

Nov 26, 2009

Taba Isyu

Ang galing!
Tinanggihan ko ang libreng Pizza ni Gladys! Sabi ko nga, success, success, success!!! Me disiplina na ako sa pagkain.
Ayun, naubos nyang lahat!

On our way out, me nakasalubong kaming dati nyang classmate. Smile, kumustahan, plastikan hehehe, pabonggahan! The usual thing na ginagawa ni Gladys kapag me nakikita s'yang old friends. Well, ginagawa nya lang naman yun kapag tupperware rin ang kaharap. Ako naman tahimik lang habang kunyari busy sa pag t-text-text! Tapos nauna na yung girl , nagba-bye na.

Hinatid nya ako hanggang makasakay ng PUJ. Nyee.. Kasabay kong sumakay yung dati nyang kaklase. Sumenyas ke Gladys ng Bye-bye. Tumatawa sya habang ginagawa nya yun at sinabin dun sa kasamahan nya na " Si Gladys yun. Mataba yan noon, tapos mas lalong tumaba ngayon. Siguro hanggang mamatay yan mataba pa rin." Sabay na sila ng kasamahan nyang tumatawa.

Ako naman tahimik lang. I was thinking di ba nila naisip na kasama ko kanina yung taong pinagtsi-tsismisan nila? Hays, some people talaga ambabaw ng judgement sa buhay.

when I got home, I picked up my phone and told Gladys about everything I heard. Abah... biglang nagalit sa akin. SERYOSONG GALIT!

Gladys: Bakit di mo ko ipinagtanggol? (Histerikal kunti)

Lovi: Kapagod keyang makipag-away no. Pinabayaan ko na lang. Opinyon nila yun eh.

Gladys: Ikaw nga dyan eh, kapag me nagsasabing mataba ka, kinokorek ko kaagad. Sinasabi ko agad na " Hindi naman sya mataba. Sexy yan, parang si Ara Mina. Tapos ngayon ikaw wala kang ginawa!!!

Lovi: Sorry na. Next time, ipagtatanggol na kita.

Gladys: Paano? (galit pa rin)

Lovi: Ganito, Girls wala kayung taste. Di naman s'ya mataba. Malaman lang parang si Diana Zubiri.

Gladys: Korek!!!! Ganyan ang gawin mo. (Tumatawa na ang bruha)
Nakikinig pala si Bien. Di naiwasang mag- comment.
Bien: (Syempree naka-speaker phone, naririnig ni Gladys) Why can't she find the truth? It's true she is fat.

Gladys: Bien! Bad words 'yan. ( ako naman nakasmile lang)

Bien: Truth can never be a bad word Tita Gla.

Gladys: Sige na, mag diet na ako. Lovely!!! (Ayan na, ako naman ang kinausap)

Lovi: Anu???

Gladys: Mag jogging tau bukas ha?

Sabay na kaming natawa.

(me permission ni Gladys ito kaya ok lang na i-published ko. that's one thing with her. Totoo syang tao)

Nov 23, 2009

High School

High school is, among other things, about searching for identity and acceptance. It's about gravitating toward certain social groups, about picking and choosing the labels that define us.

Sandra Hill

Love na love ko ang mga Viking Series ni SH!
Saan ba ako makakahanap ng e-book nya?
Mauubusan yata ako ng datung sa bisyong ito!
Can't help it!!!!

So Into You

One more book from Sandra. I only bought this novel for 285 at NBS here in Gensan. There are few copies left. I'm reading it during night time. Di ko pa kasi tapos ang mga trilogy ni Nora Roberts! really, I'm having a great time with books right now.



The angel was wild tonight...

Angel Sabato stood at the edge of the dance floor, like a dunce, shaking in his thousand dollar Tres Outlaw boots, as he watched the redhead shake her bootie to the beat of "Wild Thing." For an ex-nun, she sure had moves.

Ironically, he was the one feeling wild. His hands were clammy, his heart was thumping--da dump, da dump, da dump--and, truth to tell, he was scared spitless. Tonight was going to be the night. Do or die time.

It was ridiculous, really. He was thirty-four years old. He'd been around the block so many times, there were probably street signs named after him. At the least, his "tread marks" were notorious. Shyness wasn't even in his vocabulary. After all, he was the dick-for-brains who'd bared it all for Playgirl Magazine at one time.

Just then the redhead in question, Grace O'Brien, noticed him and smiled widely, crooking a forefinger for him to come out and join her.

Not a chance.

It wasn't dancing he had on his mind.

She said something to her partner, one of the young LeDeuxs...a freshman at LSU. Then she left the kid behind and snaked a slow, sensuous boogie toward him, her green, twinkling eyes holding his the entire time, her arms held out in front of her, fingers beckoning. She must be half plastered, or more likely, in a teasing mood.

He was not in the mood for teasing.

"Yo, matie," she drawled at him.

This was the tail end of the Pirate Ball. It was being held here in Houma, Louisiana to celebrate the successful hunt by Jinx, Inc., a treasure hunting company, for Jean Lafitte's hidden gold. Thus, the silly pirate talk. Not to mention silly pirate costumes.

He and Grace had worked on the Jinx team's Pirate Project these past weeks. Before that they'd been professional poker players. And before that, Grace had been a nun, and he had been in the Navy, then construction, and...well, a lot of things.

She was dancing around him now, dressed in a saucy tavern wench costume with a jagged knee-length hem, while he was in a puffy shirt tied with a red sash. Jerry Seinfeld would be so proud of me.

When he pretended to ignore her sexy dancing, she grabbed his upper arm and attempted to tug him forward. Being about seventy-five pounds heavier at six-foot-one to her measly five- feet-five, he was pretty much immovable.

She put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "Come out here and shake a peg leg, you randy buccaneer."

He had to grin at that. "Who says I'm randy?"

"You're always randy."

"And you know"

"All the satisfied smiles I've seen on women exiting your revolving bedroom door the past ten years."

"You noticed?"

"Stop changing the subject. I wanna dance."

"Are you blitzed?" he asked with a laugh.

"Just a little," she slurred.

Luckily, the DJ changed the music to a different pace. Mariah Carey urging "Touch My Body."

He opened his arms to Grace and adjusted her so that her arms were around his neck, and his hands were linked behind her waist, just above her butt. And, yes, Mariah, he had touching in mind. Touching Grace.

"I'm flying back to Jersey early tomorrow morning. I need to talk to you," he said into her hair that smelled like apples, or was it peaches? Some kind of frickin' fruit, anyway.

"Uh-huh. I'm listening," she replied, definitely not listening as she nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck, inadvertently pressing her belly against the crotch of his tights.

Yeah, he was wearing XXX-sized tights. With testosterone-induced hysterical irrelevance, he mused that the guys back in his old gang in Newark would get a kick out of him in latex, unless it were of the prophylactic kind. Or was that spandex? Spandex, latex, whatever! That was beside the point. Call me crazy, but did she just lick my ear?

Blood drained from his head and slam dunked into sex central. For a second, he thought his knees might give out.

"Not here," he gurgled. "Let's go outside for a walk, down by the bayou. Better yet, I'll take you back to your hotel room."

"I already checked out. I'll be staying with Tante Lulu from now on." She leaned her head back to look at him. "You sound serious."

"I am serious, babe." He wondered if she was aware that when she arched back like that it caused his erection to rub against her belly button which was exposed by her low-riding wench skirt. And that was damn serious.

"You can drive me to the cottage. Let's go tell Tante Lulu that I'm leaving."

"So, you're staying with that Cajun dingbat, huh?" he asked, arm looped over her shoulder as they walked to the other side of the hall where Tante Lulu was chattering away to some guy in a frock coat and tricorn hat. At least he wasn't wearing tights.

Louise Rivard, better known as Tante Lulu, was the craziest old woman he'd ever met. But she was a noted traiteur, or folk healer, and Grace had decided to apprentice herself to the fruitcake in hopes of learning more about the healing arts. Really, Grace's life was like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other. Nun to poker player to treasure hunter to healer. He couldn't wait to see where she landed next, as long as she took him along for the ride.

"Don't call her a dingbat." Grace turned slightly and swatted him on the chest, then grinned. "Even if she is a dingbat."

"Grace...Angel...hope y'all had a good time t'night." Tante Lulu was dressed as a senior citizen pirate gal. A scary sight, to be sure...she was ninety-two, after all. She eyed them suspiciously when Grace told her she would be leaving with him. Grace was oblivious to that pointed look, which took in his arm on Grace's shoulder, but he could practically see the matchmaking wheels churning in Tante Lulu's little brain. "That full moon t'night, she is purty enough to make a cat smooch a hound dog."

"Huh?" Grace said.

"Welcome to TanteLuluville," he muttered under his breath, then smiled.

"Ya gots a hope chest?" Tante Lulu asked Angel just before they walked away. Tante Lulu had a tradition of making hope chests for the men in her family, or male friends of the family, just before the "thunderbolt of love" hit them.

Hah! He had news for the Louisiana love bug. That thunderbolt had done its business with him a long time ago.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Grace asked, once they were sitting in his rental car back in Tante Lulu's cottage driveway. She didn't seem so tipsy anymore.

A full moon allowed him to see Grace's face. She was concerned. For him.

"I want you to come back with me, sweetheart." Well, that was laying his cards on the table from the get-go.

She frowned. "Back to your motel room?"

"No. I mean, yeah, that would be great, but I meant, fly back to the east coast with me in the morning. Come with me and the Jinx team to Germany for our next project." He gulped. "Just come with me, that's all."

"I don't understand. You know I quit treasure hunting. It was never intended to be more than a one-shot deal for me. I've already explained why I'm staying here." She moved closer and accidentally put a hand on his thigh.

Big mistake, that.

He picked her up by the waist and laid her across his lap, her head cradled over his left elbow. "This isn't about treasure hunting, or folk healing, or any other damn profession. It's about you and me." He leaned down, kissed her lightly on the lips, and whispered against her gaping mouth, "I love you, Grace."

She squirmed into a sitting position on his lap. "I love you, too, sweetie. You're my best friend."

"Dammit! That's not what I'm talking about. I'm in love with you, have been for a long time."

A stunned silence was not what he was looking for here.

"You're kidding, right? What's the punch line? You gonna tell some lame nun joke?" She nipped at his lower lip with her teeth as punishment.

Angel jerked backward, though he didn't release Grace from his embrace. It was true, he had been teasing Grace with nun jokes for ages, even though she hadn't been a nun for ages, but not now. "This is not a joke, Grace."

She stared at him for a long moment. "Sex. All this forced celibacy while trapped out in the bayou must have turned you horny. You want to have sex with me." Grinning, she taunted him with that last accusation.

"No! I mean, yes. Here's the deal: I don't want sex for sex sake, as in any ol' female would do. I want to make love with you. But that's not all I want. C'mon," he said, opening the car door and hauling her outside. Oh, God! I'm blowing it. What the hell is wrong with me? "Let's walk."

"You're scaring me, Angel."

"I'm scaring myself," he muttered as he linked his hand with hers and led her onto Tante Lulu's back porch facing the bayou. Once they were leaning against the rail, he raised their linked hands and kissed her knuckles.

"Oooh, you are smooth."

"You have no idea." Something occurred to him then, related to her mentioning going back to his motel room. "Would you have sex with me? Just like that?" He snapped his fingers. "Friends with benefits?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

Angel was both angry and intrigued.

"Actually, I probably wouldn't. Even half drunk. You and I have been friends for a long time. I wouldn't want to do anything to ruin that."

He shook his head. "Not anymore."

She frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, friendship isn't enough anymore. Haven't you felt it, too, Gracie, these weeks we've been here in Louisiana? Those LeDeuxs are crazy as coots, but they're a closeknit family. They would do anything for each other. And you can just see the passion between the husbands and wives. Luc and Sylvie. Remy and Rachel. René and Val. Rusty and Charmaine. John and Celine. That's what I want."


"Passion, yeah, but more than that."

"Family?" she said with an oddly sad sigh.

"Bingo. I want a woman to love who will love me back. And a home...a real home, not some luxury condo. And kids."

The more he explained himself, the stiffer she got. Then she started biting on her thumb nail, a nervous habit she'd been trying to break ever since he'd first met her. Angel sensed he was losing her bit by bit, but he didn't know how to fix it.

"You and I have no close family ties," she reminded him, pulling her hand out of his grasp and walking to the other end of the porch. He followed after her. "The LeDeuxs have family out the wazoo."

"We can make our own family. I love you, honey. That's what people in love do."

"Where is all this coming from?" Her voice was shrill with panic. "You never mentioned love before."

"It's been there for a long time. I just haven't had the nerve to say anything."

"You? Lacking nerve?"

He nodded. "But I had to say something now. This Amber Project...Jinx's next going to take months, maybe even a year, and it'll be mostly on site in Germany. We're searching for that famous Amber Room that the Nazi's supposedly dismantled and hid. Definitely Jinx's most ambitious treasure hunt yet, and I want you to be there with me. As my wife. Doesn't a honeymoon in Europe sound great?" His heart was racing so fast it felt as if it might explode. Deep down, he sensed he was fighting a losing battle. How could he have misread her so badly?

"This is insane. You've never even kissed me...that way. You can't ask someone to marry you without even a proper kiss." That was his cue. "I thought you'd never ask."

When she saw his slow grin and his equally slow approach, she stuttered, "That's not what...oh, good grief, what are you doing?"

"About to kiss you properly." Before she could blink, or tell him to get lost, he backed her up against the log wall of the cottage, cupped her butt cheeks, raising her to just the right height on her tip toes, spread her legs with his knees, anchored her with his belly against her belly, combed his fingers through her hair to hold her in place, then kissed her with all the love he'd been holding in for so long.

It should have been a gentle kiss, coaxing. An introduction. Something that said, "Hi! We've known each other forever, as friends, but this is how I really feel. I love you. Do you love me?"

Instead, his sex drive shot from zero to speed of light in a nanosecond, and the gentle, coaxing kiss was anything but. It was hungry and demanding and said, "Oh, baby, I want you so bad. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait..."

Just then, a loud bellow echoed behind them.

"What was that?" he asked, his head jerking back.

"An alligator, I think. Probably Remy's pet Useless. It's harmless."

An alligator? Close by? Harmless? He pressed his forehead against hers, both of them panting for breath.

"This is not the way I want to make love to you the first time, sweetheart. Come back to my motel room with me, and we can talk."

She tried to laugh but it came out choked. "I think we've done enough talking." Ducking under his arm, she stepped away.

Immediately, Angel sensed the tension in the air, and it wasn't a good tension. She put up a halting hand when he moved a step closer.

"Angel, I am not going to marry you, and we are not going to have a family together. It is just not going to happen. Ever."


"Because I'm not in love with you."

Angel had been playing poker for too many years not to read her "tells." He'd like to think she was lying through her teeth. She wasn't. How could he have interpreted her signals so wrong? "You don't mean that, Gracie." Please, God, don't let her mean it.

"Angel! Come on. I've seen you puking your guts out when you've drunk too much. That's a friend, not a lover."

He shrugged. "I've gone out and bought you tampons when you had an accident in white slacks. Didn't make me go `eeew!'."

"I saw you clipping your gross toenails in the kitchen."

He grinned. "You have funny looking toes. The pinkies are crooked."

"You told me my toes were cute."

"They are cute. Crooked cute."

All this was just blowing smoke, in his opinion. Of no importance. Once again, he tried to move closer.

Once again, she put up a halting hand. "You've been the best friend I've ever had, but I don't feel that way about you. Really, I had no idea..."

"Your kiss," he said, indicating with a wave of his hand the section of porch they'd just left, "your kiss said something else."

There were tears in her eyes. "Sexual attraction fueled by too much alcohol."

"I'm not buyin' it."

"You have to. Besides, there are things in my past...things you don't know about me."

"Hell, I have secrets in my past, too. Big deal!" He waited a moment, then asked, "What things?"

"I can't say. Just know that I have good reasons for saying that you and I will never be a family, aside from my just thinking of you as a best friend."

"Well, we're sure as hell not gonna continue being friends with this between us now."

"Oh, Angel."

"I'm leaving, Gracie. Are you coming with me?"

She shook her head, unable to speak.

"So be it. I doubt we'll be seeing each other again. I don't do begging very well." He stared at her, then added, "I love you, babe. I really do."


Two weeks later, and the news heard 'round the world, or at least, down the bayou...

Grace was in the pantry, using a mortar and pestle to grind dried herbs for Tante Lulu's amazing medicinal potions.

Pennyroyal, horehound, sassafras and catnip, which could be brewed into a tea and used for coughs.

Yarrow and jimson weed to go in poultices.

Sumac for arthritis.

So many healing uses for nature's bounty. And any one of them could have varying uses, depending on their stage of development...seed, flower, or full-grown plant.

Dust motes danced on the stream of sun light coming from the lone window. Through the screen she could hear a hundred bayou birds join together, celebrating their unique habitat. As she worked, she glanced over at the floor to ceiling shelves, neatly lined with dozens of glass bottles. Some of them baby food jars. Some jelly jars. Even old green Mason Jars with lead lids. Each had its own label. Each followed specific ingredients for one of the noted traiteur's remedies--nine hundred eighty three, at last count--that were outlined, longhand, in numerous journals which had their own shelf. No computer software for her boss. Nosirree, as Tante Lulu would say.

The pungent odors in the room, the feeling of history, the warmth of Tante Lulu's essence...all these things contributed to Grace's sense of well-being. She was at peace. Not happy precisely, but finally she was where she belonged.

A psychiatrist would have a field day with her history. From promiscuous teenager to nun. Nun to poker player. Poker player to treasure hunter. Treasure hunter to folk healer. Still, she'd found a place that felt safe and promising to her. The only thing interfering with her happiness was Angel. Her heart grieved at the hole her former friend had created in her life by his absence. The louse hadn't called her. Probably his pride had kicked in. And she wasn't going to call him. That would give him false expectations. Even if she was in love, and she wasn't, there were other reasons why a future with him would be out of the question.

"Yoo hoo!"

Tante Lulu must be back from her trip to Boudreaux's General Store. Her nephew John LeDeux had picked her up an hour ago.

Grace finished bottling her concoction, dusted her hands off, then walked into the kitchen where Tante Lulu and John were unloading armfuls of overflowing paper bags. Both of them glanced at her. And said nothing.

"What?" It was obvious by the way they avoided direct eye contact that something was wrong.

"Ah, Gracie, bless yer heart," Tante Lulu said, reaching up to pat her cheek.

Now Grace was really frightened. "Tell me."

"Tee-John was talkin' ta Ronnie this mornin'," Tante Lulu started to explain, then stopped, turning to her nephew for help.

Ronnie was Veronica Jinkowsky, owner of Jinx, Inc., the treasure hunting company.

"Oh, my God! Is it Angel? Has something happened to him?"

"You could say that," John drawled out. The sympathy in his dark Cajun eyes caused alarm bells to go off in her head and her heart rate to accelerate alarmingly.

"He got married yesterday," John told her. "To an airline stewardess he met on the way to Germany. Talk about!"

Grace plopped down into the kitchen chair, stunned. So much for true love! She tried her best not to be hurt. After all, she was the one who'd sent him away, but the tears came anyway.

They would never renew their friendship now.

She tried to tell herself it was best this way.

Viking Heat

Joy Nelson joins the female Navy SEALS in a fit of depression over the death of her POW brother. Then she finds herself shot back in time to the cold, cold Norselands where she is auctioned off as a slave to a Viking warlord. What fun! This Norseman doesn't know what hit him.

Mapapa-ohh ka sa lovescenes! Hehehe Sarap! Kahit yung di malandi, napapalandi!

Nov 18, 2009

Pacman's girl

I think it's true.
Kapag kasi sikat ka na, mahirap magpakabait lalo na kapag di ka naman naturally good. Human, human, human.
Ako kaya kapag sumikat, iiwan rin si Lee Dong? (ahahaha)
Dami pa sanang magpa-autograph ke Manny keya lang he was with a woman that's why di na sya nagkaroon ng time sa fans.
Accordingly, tsismis lang ito dito sa Gensan ha, during his fight against Cotto, si Krysta yung nasa Mansion ni Manny while the wife remained in the hotel with her kamag-anak praying na sana Manny won't make it. Pero actually, wala naman akong pakialam. Kiber ko ba sa life nya? (pero pi-nost ko to. hehehehe)

Nov 13, 2009


I'm so happy nOw!!!!
Hindi naman pwedeng i-deny that I'm a biG fan of Juday.
Kaya nga nakadikit pa hanggang ngayon ang mga ngiti ko sa labi kasi I just heard from SNN that she will be doing another soap opera early next year with Derek Ramsey.
Halos di na yata matatanggal ang ngiting ito lalo na nung sinabi nyang He can never be who is today if not for Juday (referring to their tandem during the ISABELLA soap aired in ABS CBN) . I must admit na hindi ako nakakapanood masyado ng Isabella kasi hindi kayang isingit sa subrang busy ng work schedule ko dati. Nagkasya na lamang ako sa pagbili ng original DVD. Hindi ako magpipirata kapag Judyann na. Yoko ngang magtampo sya.
Ako pa naman yung tipo na if I like love someone, I'm all the way for that someone~! kaya hindi ko ipipirata ang idol kong si Juday!!!
Actually, eto lang talaga ang i-sye-share ko ngayun.
It's been a while na rin na hindi ko nakikita si Juday araw-araw.
Kaya nga knowing that she's back~ Great nnews gyud!~

Nov 11, 2009

Malory and Flynn

This is from Key of Light ni Mareng Nora Roberts (bale Book One ng Key Trilogy):

Minsan lang ako kinikilig kapag nagbabasa ng romance english book. Though hindi naman talaga romansa ang story ni Malory dito pero kahit papano umiikot din yung romansa nina Malory (yung bidang babae ) at ni Flynn (yung love interest ni Malory).

Kinikilig ako sa character ni Flynn. Gustong-gusto ko iyong style ng panunuyo niya ke Malory!
At natatawa rin ako sa aso ni Flynn. Si Moe. Si Moe yata ang unang nagkaroon ng crush ke Malory.

Basta ang hirap i-share dito. All I know is that tumatak sa puso ko ang character ni Flynn.

Bien's Nightmare

I'm sad kasi me sakit si Bien. Tatlong araw ring absent sa school. Eto namang Pedia nya nasa Manila at me convention na inatenan! Ako naman OZING-OZI. Ayaw na ayaw kong papalit -palit ng doktor. I told my self na kapag 3 araw na at wala pa ang doktor ~ maghahanap na ako ng iba.

On the second night, nilamig si Bien. I hugged him tightly tapos ini-off ko ang aircon. Balik basa ng book ni Mareng Nora (Nasa Cirle Trilogy na ako). Biglang nagsalita si Bien habang natutulog. Naalarma ako. I wake him up sabay niyakap siya ng subrang higpit. Tapos sinabi nya to me na " Mom I had a nightmare!" habang pinupunasan nya nga kanyang palad ang mga mata.
"What happen in your dream?" I asked him
"The snake eats me." he answered.
"What did I do? I just let it happen? Imposible yan. I won't let that snake harm you. Kakainin ko muna sya." I told him habang nanlalaki ang mga tsinita kong mata.
"No, Mom. In my dreams, I died. The snake left me with my skeletons!"
"Naku Bien, let's pray. Bad dream lang yan."
Nakatulog naman uli ng maayos.

Kaya kaninang umaga, first thing talaga yung naghanap ako ng bagong pedia.
Pinacheck ko lahat ng vitals ni Bien and I even told our new Doctor about what bothers me. Takot ako sa Dengue. Sino ba namang hindi. Cool naman ang Doctor. Matanda na pero magaling.
Ang point ko lang talaga is, natakot ako dun sa dream.
Stay away bad omen! Di kita kaya!
Ayoko kahit isipin man lang.


She's a very good friend way back highschool. We recently bumped with each other in the Net. Hirap ngang mapaniwalaan na kung kelan limot na limot mo na yung tao atsaka pa sya muling magbabalik. Hehehe Joke lang Angie. Among my friends, sya 'yung pinakahuling taong maiisip kong mag aasawa ng foriegner. I was so scared for her but looking back, naku, tama ang ginawa nya. She's more tha happier now.

Keya ito, she wanna know me better after decades of not seeing each other. I have posted this already but for her sake I'm going to share the link.

Ten Wackiest Thing About Me (Click me)

Mrs. Cape, di pa rin ako nagbabago. I spend time reading anything pa rin.
Problema ko nga eh di yata ako capable maging mature woman. Hehehehe

Nov 8, 2009

Circle Trilogy

Book 1 - Morrigan's Cross

Standing on the cliffs of 12th century Ireland following the disappearance of his twin, Hoyt Mac Cionaoith is visited by the goddess Morrigan and is charged with the ultimate of tasks: saving his and all future worlds. His enemy, the beautiful but deadly vampire queen Lilith, has had over two thousand years experience in cruelly killing and changing humans into one of her own - including Hoyt's brother, Cian.

Now, Hoyt, a sorcerer, must travel across the world and through time to find and train the five others Morrigan has prophesized will join him as a circle and do battle against Lilith's army of vampires on Samhain in the land of Geall. But just who is the witch, the shape-changer, the scholar, the warrior and the vampire? How will this unlikely band of six prepare and become one with less than three months until the possible end of the world?

Following the arrival of Glenna Ward - a modern day witch with a knack for making her own kind of magic, the kind that makes his heart melt - Hoyt must find the strength to save the world, and a love that knows no bounds.

Book 2 - Dance of the Gods
Raised in a family of demon hunters, Blair Murphy has her own personal demons to fight - the father who trained, then abandoned her, and the fiancé who walked out on her after learning what she is. Now she finds herself training a sorcerer from 12th century Ireland, a witch from modern day New York, a scholar and a shape changer from the mythical land of Geall, while trying to keep herself from staking the sixth of their circle and host: a vampire sired by Lilith, the vampire queen they've been charged with defeating on Samhain.

No stranger to butt-kicking, Blair finds herself taking a good whipping when it comes to that handsome and flirtatious Geallian, Larkin. And a couple of run-ins with Lilith's right-hand gal gives Blair more than she reckoned for, mentally and physically. But will she be able to stay afloat long enough to defeat Lilith's loyal in pre-battle bouts? Or will she find herself falling for the one thing she vowed never to give in to again? If the vampires don't do her in, Larkin is certainly up to the task.

Book 3 - Valley of Silence
Having traveled through the Dance of the Gods to the land of Geall, the circle finds themselves convincing then training the people of Geall to defeat Lilith's vampire army. The Valley of Silence is a forbidding place for the battle of all battles, but the circle continues to prepare through magic and a few early stakeouts that test their strength individually and as a team.

Moira finds herself playing the roles of warrior and royal, as she follows the tradition of her people and prepares to take the crown before leading them into battle. And if that isn't enough, she finds her thoughts turning to Cian more often than not.

So what's a chaste and intelligent young woman to do when given less than a month with

It's late na. I gotta go. Si Lee Dong nag-aaya ng matulog kami. Naturally alembong lola nyo kaya sige na bye! Gagawa pa kami ng baby!

Love Match

These were books published in General Santos City.
Love Match.
Most writers were from here too.
I just hope that these books were available anywhere in our country kasi nga maganda at makabago ang istilo ng mga pinoy writer dito.

The first time I read the Lothario Series of Eve Montilibano, I go crazy.
Now, I'm into Crystal Orteza's Dream Catcher Saga. Mas lalong nakakabaliw!
I also tried other books, halos binili ko na nga lahat.
When the family spend time in Mt. Apo three weeks ago during the semestral break, ito yung mga PB na dala dala ko. Ay naku, Kahit mobiling kami, nagbabasa pa rin ako. Compared to PHR books mas mahigpit yata ang pagkakawahak ko sa LoveMatch.

Mill and Boons

I bought these books in a bookstore where everything is mura. Mills and Boons books for only P15.00. I usually can't read books without tatak National Bookstore but these newly discovered store is amazing! The books on sale where perfectly maganda pa rin in a very reasonable price!
Bongga! Ang dami-daming books na nakaline-up sa akin ngayun para basahin. I'm so glad na hindi pa ako busy. Parang kulang pa nga ang gabi sa kababasa! Hay sarap!

Nora Roberts

I've crossed with NRobert's books many times but I just ignored it. Ganun kasi ako, when I visit the bookstore usually alam ko na kung ano ang bibilhin. My usual picks were from Paulo Coelho, Mitch Albom, Sophie Kinsella and Anne Rice.
Sometimes, I get tired with them.

Recently, in a forum where I spend my time most, somebody suggested to try Nora Robert's "Irish Trilogy". Suddenly I was hooked. I searched for the books here and find nothing. Until I found it in a second hand bookstore in General Santos City. I suddenly bought three of her trilogies. I was scared kasi na if I won't buy those 9 books I won't be seeing them again in my next visit. Di naman masyadong expensive kasi nga second-hand.

You can just imagine my happiness. I could even spend the whole day smiling! So I was reading first the Key trilogy.

It's about the three goddessess who were cursed. Their souls were trapped seperately in a glass of box. The guardian of the said box who was a warrior and a teacher and also a lover were the one who'd look for the three women living in the mortal world who were destined to be the keys that could unlock those boxes.
There was a man who bought the portrait of the the three goddesses. The three goddessess were look-a-like of the three women destined to unlock the soul. The first book is entitled The Key of Light, the second one is The Key of Knowledge and the Third is The Key of Valor.

Yung Irish Trilogy naman is about the woman ghost that was found crying in the cottage. It was said that she has a lover na prinsepe pero engkanto. The Prince give her a diamond from the sun,a pearl from the moon and a jewel from the sea but the woman rejected all of it because she was waiting for the Prince to tell him na mahal nya ang babae even without those gift. Kung sinabi lang ng prinsipe yung magic words na I Love You, she would come to him willingly. The Prince became angry and made a curse. Ang sabi she will stay in the world until someone will break the curse. It was already too late when the Prince realized that the woman truly love her. The stroy is a trilogy. Yung tatlong libro ay iikot dun sa kung papano ma-be-break ang spell.

Nov 4, 2009

Lee Dong's Letter (for me!) yeeyy!

My boyfriend is in the army right now. I won't be seeing him for 2 years. That's horrible. But what made me smile? He got me a message!

Please read guys~

(From Lee dong Wook)

Anehaseiyo ! I am very happy to see you ! I am grade II soldier Lee Dong Wook am seeing you healthily in my army uniform am serving my national service with the Defence Media Unit am not able to greet you publicly sooner as it has not been long since I enlisted am still feeling a bit uncomfortable for being a soldier of the Republic of Korea I have started to host a radio program named A Very Good Morning if you wake up early, you will be able to hear me hosting this show I really appreciate your efforts to get up early to support this show this program is produced by our Defence department Thank you for showing interests in our programmes you will find a lot of information at our websites if you take a look at it winter is approaching ... and the swine flu virus spreads rapidly too.
please take care !
do take care and stay happy
I shall see you again
salute !

That's all for now
I am grade II soldier.

Lee Dong Wook

Bongga! Ang sweet nya sa akin. SA AKIN LANG PO ITO NAKA-ADDRESS. (happy face)

A gold coin in a mud

It's in the boiling mud of Lake Agkho situated exactly in the Heart of Mt. Apo, Kidapawan City that I've seen something that glows when touched by the sun's light. It's oddity made me picked the wooden stick from a tree behind and dig that thing in the boiling mud until I finally have it.
I found a gold. If it's real or not, I'm not sure.

It is an old gold american coin. My ignorance in this field is obvious. I just read what was engraved in the gold coin but I really don't know any information regarding this. My cousin took the coin from me. With a full-blown-eyes he told me how valuable it is! I chuckled with out hoping anything. The only thing I know about having a gold coin is that it's a good investment. I'm not a coin collector not even a gold investor but really, having volumes of this thing could be something. It is a sure investment for a generation.

As of now I only have 1 piece. I pulled back the coin from my cousin. Tossed it, feel its warmth and put it inside my pocket. I don't know if I could buy a bullion from this one but for sure, this will going to be my lucky charm. I'm gonna keep it with me.
I know it will bring me luck in the near future.

Lee Dong Wook

I'm inlove with him since korean soap My- Girl- days aired in ABSCBN years back. I even love him more than I had loved Andy Garcia during my teenage years. I'm no longer in my primetime kasi 30 na ako kaya nga siguro mas type ko na ang boy-next door beauty. Hindi na pang Godfather na katulad ni Andy! Ang landi ng lola!

Officially, he is my boyfriend.
I don't share him just to win a friend!
Take note, he is singing only for me. Ayy!!