Mar 4, 2008

Ang 'tweet ni Dad

We were riding a bus going to Davao when Dadi Ervs asked me thru text as to what time could we (with Bien) be there. Our meeting place is in SM National Bookstore. And I just sent him back my text that goes like this: ~~~heart beats~~~.
Actually nasa Matina na kami.... minutes na lang to be there in SM.
Then the bus stopped na. Obviously pababa na kmi ng SM.
We were so excited to surprise him.
We haven't seen each other for months na rin though we always communicate in the net and phone.
You know as I was stepping down the bus, it was honestly me who got surprised.
Andun si Dad nakaabang na sa amin.
~~~I was giggling~~~
You could imagine my smile. I was actually grinning and Bien was already shouting that "Dad is here!!!"
It was a simple gesture but I appreciate it a lot.
Ang sweet talaga.
Our weekend dad is with us now.
We don't live and sleep together everyday because he was working in Davao and I'm having my workloads in Gensan.
I could see how he was trying to give his best for us.
All his sacrifices waking up with out me and BS in his side isn't that easy.
We have talked and decided about this already. All settled~~...
All for our future.
In a years time (With God's help) I prayed so intently na sana katulad ng dati magkakasama-sama uli kami.

It was funny to realized that when we live together before nag-aaway kami parati.
We love each other but we fight almost everyday. Nakakasawa. Nakakapagod.

Dumating yung time na parang we don't wanna go on in this relationship.
Basta ang haba ng pangyayari. Until Bread of life (it is a born again Christian church) became part of our life. There we realized our differences.
I slowly understand him and love him more despite of....
It was also me who needs a lot of space.
'Andami ko palang demands.
I want him to be the man of my dreams.
The man in the love-stories I have read.
The man I have created in my mind.
Bad..... si Ervien s'ya hindi si Adonis ng imagination ko.

Now As I was looking at him.
I could see how much he loves me.
How I made him smile even in a little things I do.
Kami ni Bien.
We can easily make him smile and laugh.
Ang sarap palang kasama 'nung taong di mahirap i-please.
All this time..ambait nya pala....
It was only me who created my own ghost.

You know if you love someone
It is very easy to appreciate him even in his little ways.
Sarap pala ng ganun.
Now kinikilig ako ulit.
Kinakabahan when his with me...
May magic ulit.
As to how we keep it alive
di ko alam
all I now
I am happy now.
Thanks God.


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