Mar 15, 2008

Mandy Moore in Manila

I can not help to smile while watching her interviewed on TV.
I always like her.
Everything in her.


Anonymous said...

What show is the interview?

wITChy Boop said...

its in channel seven hosted by butch francisco, joey de leon and lolit solis ~~ i dont know the title of the show~~ though Mandy was interviewed during the press conference not live on that show but the video bits of the presscon was aired. She answered her dating relationship with billyjoe crawford when she was like 15 or sixteen and also her memories singing with regine velasquez during MTV asia in 2002 0r 2001.

MoonLae said...

Mandy.. I like her too.
Not only as a singer, but also as an actress too.I love her movie, A Walk To Remember.

jeon said...

ano ba? halos magkapareho na ba tayo sa bagay bagay? i love mandy moore. there was a time nga na i wished kamuka ko siya.