Mar 27, 2008

My asthma friend is now visiting me.
Maybe because I got tired today or I am just excited for my son's graduation tomorrow.
Hahaha Over!!! But honestly I couldn't move much.
Its hard to breath. Just trying to 'catch my air slowly so that I won't be able to feel much pain in my chest.
Got to sleep now...


lira said...

unsay tambal sa ana nga sakit mare?

nyl said...

oi congrats to your son!

take care witchy!

Salve said...

may asthma ka din pala, witchy. ang hirap pag inaatake, no? the summer heat is triggering mine, too. hirap kasi, pag nasa work may aircon tapos paglabas ang init. haay, i wish i can spend weeks by the sea.