Feb 28, 2008


Koreana my thoughts turn to you today.
I keep on asking my self why do we always need to search for true love.
Even if sometimes its just there right in front our eyes.
I wish to guide you and help you see what life and love is all about.
But then I can not make your life fulfilled either. Like everyone else I’m not perfect and I know only a little about love.
Loving is unconditional.
Of course we both know that since birth.
It is enough to love someone even without having anything in return.
Just having his heart is enough to keep us happy but sometimes it isn’t workin’.
~~~~ tears falling~~~~~
In your solitary moment in Cebu I hope and pray that you will make your decision firmly. Even if its not fair, even if you may hurt someone that you have loved once. Ganun yata talaga.
All I can give to you is my friendship and my heart.
I really love you friend. Kayong dalawa ni Eves play an important role in my life.
Even if sometimes ayokong aminin but I really care.
We always lead each other through our toughest times and shared with each other all the best. It is just sad na hindi kita mahabol today. Your now flying somewhere more malayo to me. Kung di lang kasi gipit sa panahon eh di nag bonding pa tayo sa bahay in Davao. Hindi naman laro to di ba? Ang magmahal, ang magka-anak at magkaroon ng pamilya. Eve told me once na di lang yung happiness natin ang dapat iconsider. Pag-isipan mo talaga.
On the lighter side naman...
Gusto kitang picturan. ]
I –blog.
Ipahintulot mo man o hindi. Hehehehe ~~~just kidding~~~~
Don’t be lost
Cast out all your confusions
Even when the reality summon its beams
Keep your heart glowing
Live in truth
Not in dream
Search Koreana
Search it very well
Magwawakas din yan
Matatagpuan mo rin ang tamang landas na tatahakin
Di ka nag – iisa haaa..
Nandito lang kami..


Alexis said...

awww so touching naman ang entry na to...

theMOON said...

This is so touchy..