Mar 14, 2008

ThE bIg i

This one is from my good friend Lira.
You know she is always friendly and sweet.
I'm so glad to have found someone like her .
Here's the tag! My completion...
~~drum beats~~~

  • I AM… a seductive good witch
  • I WANT... to be remembered as a good person
  • I HAVE… loads of diaries. My life is documented since I was 9 years old. I could really look back literally in my past
  • I WISH…to be with my mom and dad all the time
  • I HATE…talking to pretentious people
  • I FEAR… dogs
  • I SEARCH…for a better place to live in
  • I WONDER…why some filipino are squatters in our own country.
  • I REGRET…to think why most of our farmers are poor?
  • I LOVE… my self (because I can not give love when I don't have it)
  • I ALWAYS…read good books, write my diary, take photos, edit videos and most of all read blogs that keeps my day happy.
  • I AM NOT…patient but I keep my sanity intact
  • I DANCE…in the community where I work, I dance during special affairs in my son's school and I dance every morning when I wakes up
  • I SING…sheyyyttttt... I don't really sing. Whenever I would try, my tonsil will pop out.
  • I CRY… when I watch sad movies...and I would really cry out...
  • I WRITE…it is part of my life. there is no born writer~~~ every body has the right to write.
  • I WON…good friends everywhere I go
  • I AM CONFUSED…with the way our country goes...
  • I NEED…to go to gym at least once a week
  • I SHOULD…stay healthy and curvy..hehehehe

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS…(like Lira ) prayers as well.. for the people I love and for this country.

Now I'm tagging Alexis, Moonlae and Jeon

1 comment:

MooLae said...

I started writing when I was in high school.I used to have a diary too.But I'm too secretive..thinking that anyone might read it.
So, I tore the pages into small tiny pieces.LOL! Yah I really did that.

I used to go to gym.I have a frozen contract with Slimmer's World. uh,hmm.--coz I got pregnant.Now I still can't go to gym.I have no time.I stay up late at night.(di ba..bawal mgpuyat--muntik n kong mag-collapse s gym dahil s puyat)

Before I super love dogs,but not anymore since my baby came.There were news about babies who died because they got bitten by dogs
( I say nilapa ng aso)
I'm a dog-slayer!just leave my baby alone,I'll spare their lives!

You're a good person.No wonder tis easy for you to gain friends.I'm really not so friendly but you got me.

I like you!
You're super nice!