Mar 19, 2008

Catching the falling leaves

When leaves are falling... some still find happiness in catching it
While Bien was waiting for his other classmates to start their practice
in the Kinder 2 graduation (there at the school's playground) he was mesmerized on the leaves that were falling.
When asked, I just told him that its their time to fall. The purpose was served and this is now the time for the new leaves to make food for its tree. He was looking into my eyes intently. Maybe trying to understand my words. Then he ran to the ground and started catching the falling leaves.
He was grinning once it touches him.
How I love the view.
Kids would really appreciate even the most ordinary things in this world.
It reminds me of my post last year about telling everyone that sometimes we need to think like a child.


nyl said...

great post!hugs to your little boy!

lira said...

ka-cute bitaw sa mga bata nga ma-amaze sa mga bagay nga di ma-appreciate sa dagko...

MoonLAe said...

I just love my younger days.

No worries about anything.

Kids are innocent and yeah..they appreciate ordinary things!

wITChy Boop said...

nyl~~ thanks for always dropping by
lir~~hapit na na nimo ma experience
bah.. excited na ko sa mga post
nimo puhon
moon~~~ my fave blogger...I am gonna
miss your post for days...
regards to lex