Mar 14, 2008

In kidapawan river

Right after the graduation (in his second course) of my tweety dad
he brought us in Kidapawan River. The water is clean and you can still see
fishes enjoying their habitat. My son even even explained to me the definition of a river. That according to him the river is a natural large stream and its water flows continuously to the sea. It's kinda refreshing to watch him discussing with us his learnings from school. Kids nowadays are different. They would really discussed to you and even challenge your way of thinking. I was with my other family. My husband's sister, mom and brother. Sure we have fun and even enjoyed the company of each other. .


jei said...

gang! gwapa kaayo ka gang, mura kag foreigner o di kaya, mura kag taga new zealand. you're so thin na, kainggit! hehehehe, keep it up gang! love yah!

wITChy Boop said...

aysus...lami gyud kaau to speak by heart no? dili hilas. I love the entry of alexis kadtong nagbinisaya sya... gooshhh..namnam kaayo wui.
beside my friend you must really tell me kind words.... you love baya the books I gave you (hehehe). Old but all my memories are with it. pakapinan pa ug bookmark nga dunay highschool love notes... wahhhhh!!!!
two to three years who knows tua na gyud mi abroad...ikaw gyud ang akong book keeper gang...YOU WILL LOVE my books...
thanks for the friendship Jei ha at sa maga libreng globe nga load.
You know one thing why this blog is just a diary?
because I wanna be connected as simply me.
Simple lang...just noting by by heart. Lisud na kaayo kung intellectual hehehe but I love reading witty blogs of course.
Next time if you are no longer busy..pakapiha na ko sa coffee dream ha?
By the way, nagpakyaw ko ug books sa national bookstore and Im currently reading the kite runner..
huh! huh! huh! you must have one jei.... ang ganda

Anonymous said...

Kelan kaya ako makakapasyal din dyan? If only I have a lot of free time, I'd go travel the whole country.

Midas said...

I love the view...and I like your hair. It's gorgeous!

Just Say These Words

ev said...

hahhayy bes..ngano wa man ko nimo gidala diha?;o)

congratz to ervs!