Mar 7, 2008

Good thing

Bien's final examination will be on Monday.
It covers seven (7) subjects and the pointers for the test include everything from cover to cover. I just finished talking to my Chinese client about the company's demand to finished the Initial Environmental Examination Report (IEE) and have it submitted on monday when I was informed about the exam. Really, I am cramming. I can not afford to take my son's finals for granted. The competition in their class is toughed. So I told him to study very well even with out me torturing tutoring him. He told me that he is fine and ready when I asked him if he is a little scared in the finals.
" I won't die Mom if I can not make it but I will make it."
I was stoned.' laman ata 'tong reaction ni Bien... Hmmm... that's another story. I need to reflect on this thoroughly.

The good thing is I do better when pressured.
While I am currently working on here, Bien is also studying on the other side.
We are not talking.
He was just reading his books and putting some highlights using the yellow highlighter pen and post-it. At an early age, they were trained (in school) memorizing and comprehending the subjects on their own.
It is cool to realized that we are doing our own stuff seriously. Oh-uh I think he is more serious than me. Anyways~~~ I won't be sleeping this night to cope with my deadline.


nyl said...

you have such a very cute, witty, smart little boy!and sure you are such a great mom!two thumbs up to both of you witchy girl!

bittersweetcollide said...

looks like Bien is really serious here. I really wish this kid all the best in life.

Lerlyn said...

ah pagka kugihan ni Bien ba..maau na loves..malayo ang marating nya.

Loves, paki update na sa akong url pls.. to
thank u!

wITChy Boop said...

Nyl~~ thanks for spending time reading my personal thoughts ha..
Ler~~ Congrats~~~ blue eyes talaga yan...
and to my friend Alexis~~~ I've never stop reading your post. Heyaa... I'm your big fan.