Mar 8, 2008

Advance happy birthday

Remember when we thought we will never survive and even the single thing becomes rough?
It's funny dad...
when now I was just thinking of the first time
when you made me feel like wanting the whole world to be singing and dancing in my eyes
when my heart was shouting that I've finally find someone.

I have not said my gratitude and respect for you
I'd like to thank you for needing me during those times
when I feel like I couldn't do more.

Something will never change
All our good times
and the not so bad will just be there to keep us inspired

It is good to love
than making love

Advansey Happee Beerterree..


MoonLAE said...

Now I'm missing my dad!!He left
our country last Jan.

Well yah
It it good to love
than making love

Coz some make love w/o the
presence of LOVE..well for those
who do that, I guess it
shouldn't be called making love
at all ..just plainly..having sex.
(Sorry I don't mean to be
so vulgar.Smile witchyboop!!
Thank you so much for your kindness!!You are friendly
indeed..I like you so.

ev said...

pwede mang gate-crash?LOL! maki-happy birthday in advance din po akooh!

miss u bes..

bittersweetcollide said...

It's glorious to love...
mahirap minsan pero masarap...

thanks for always being there!You're such a supportive friend.

tikey said...

Makiki hapi Happi Bertdey narin ako... salamat sa pagdalaw sa site ko. naku makulit tlga si CArl, manang mana sa aking Papa Piolo. ehehhe!