Mar 26, 2008

There is always more to discover. Man can learn, relearn or unlearn the point of everything.
But you see I started blogging just to express my emotions, record it and later in my life have it for my children to read.
I'm always satisfied with my self. I just don't compare for everybody is different.
There was once I lost my confidence but I gained it back.
That dark moment I discover something.
I learned to be humble.
I learned to easily accept things as they are
and most importantly
I learned to care for the feelings of other human.

My work as a government employee for almost 6 years made me a better person both in personal and professional matter. I must admit that I almost felt hell everyday working with questionable personalities. Not all of course. There are some whom I've learn to love.
But I am actually referring to those who did everything even hurting someone's reputation just to get what they wanted~~~ Wicked persona!
It is hard to grow and to become successful in that office.
I go back to school and studied more while almost everybody were trying to grab each other's crown to own the glory.

Finally I was ready to give -up the job. Ready to work alone and for some personal reasons I resigned. In my heart I truly believed that that was only the beginning of my luck. That job was not a LOSS to me. I gained more instead. Fifty times better!!!

I couldn't believed at first but this is the work that I have been dreaming of.
Working on my time.
Paid well enough.
Confidence boasting for you are able to realized that this job needs someone stronger
someone wittier ~~~ ahahha ako yata 'yun.... yekkeeekkekekk~~~.
I learned to appreciate life even more.
Its good to live.
Life is wonderful.
It is now easy for me to share my happiness.
In this stage I met my husband's bestfriend Jayvee....
Well we've known each other since the day Ervien became my boyfriend but she's not really that good to me~~ hehehehe~~.
Civil I may say yes...
but nice?
Hummm...asked her.
I understand that she has mistaken me to be someone hard to deal with.
That is not new anyway.
I keep my silence.
Until she married my good friend Jeph.
It was me who became one of their bearer.
The friendship started.
But not as good as our friendship today.
In my heart, I have always like her.
I always have a spot for intelligent people.
I don't know but they are my weakness.

I've seen her suffering in her office.
I've felt her soul being imprisoned.
Her urged to fly somewhere is getting stronger
but she's too weak to express it.
You can only see it in her eyes.

I feel her.
So when I was here already in GenSan.
Having my life fixed.
In fact enjoying it.
I tried reaching out to her.
We became now good friends.
She reads a lot.
We shared our books.
Our difference is I am vain and she is perfectionist.
but goshhh.... she keeps her things tidily.
She is a very well organized person.
I love being messy, unique, and hard to follow.
She is tame. She can control her anger. She can even keep her ideas even if its damn so good.
all those qualities are not synonymous to me.
Our likes are the same. Almost.
We've learn loving each other because of that.

This year, I have seen her growing emotionally.
She is stronger.
Yun naman talaga sya eh....
And truly a talented woman.
Sexy inside and out.
Most appealing when she laughs and smile.
She can make a hundred kinds of laughter.
She can do a million kinds of facial expression when angry.
To me those mannerisms are cute.
Tatak Jayvee Jude lang talaga.
The only thing I dont like in her is that she loves to continually inordinate her anxieties.
It is lesser now.
Jei is beginning to feel happy inside.
She's morethan a talent than to deal with negative matter in her surrounding.

Now I continually learn to be friendly.
I gained more personal friends
and gaining more real friends in the net.
Jei and I realized that it is not impossible to meet nice friends in here.

We are so lucky to have Lex as a part of our life.
We thank you for coming in the right time. This is the time when we most needed true friends like you.

It is also funny to be missing them everyday.
Watching and reading those blogs you like most.
Leaving comments and trying to connect with them.
Knowing their insights and thoughts
Letting them recognized you as who you are.

This is freedom.
My wind is taking me to their world.


jei said...

hoy ganun? nice ako sa yo ha, simula't sapul gagah ka. hehehehe. lex and i love you gang! mwah!!!! i like the way you said "questionable personalities", hahaahha, parang i know who you were referring to.

wITChy Boop said...

alangan... you know them and you are dealing with their likes everyday.