Mar 23, 2008

Teach me your mood

Teach me to smile after you heart is beaten

Teach me to understand things while my mind is cloudy

Teach me your mood


karmi said...

gusto ko ring malaman ung mood ng mga bata. parang ang dali lang sa kanila ang ngumiti at magpakasaya.. :)

kapatid mo sya? ^_^

wITChy Boop said...

Mukhang kapatid pero anak ko sya kaibigang karmi... like you I feel so young kasi naman ang saya saya ng tsuper dance mo~~ grinning~~

moonLae said...

He reminds me of my baby.
My daughter is my strength.She's the only reason why I'm still sane.She needs me.I can't fail her.

nyl said...

i love this post!parang si harry potter ang dating ng little boy mo ah!cuteee!!

hmm..teach us your mood...

happy Easter witchy!

shoshana said...

I can pretty much read my children's feelings. Although, I had noticed that the older they are, the harder it is to tell when they're unhappy until they're ready to tell me.

wITChy Boop said...

Moon~~ I'm sure she's so pretty like mama.

Nyl-he loves HP din.
I will be visiting your blog
after this gurl. Bien said thank
thank you daw. He will also be
reading your blog from now on.

Shoshana~ I'm excited to see my son growing everyday. I also have seen your children~~ very cute and smart like you. I also love the way they sleep. Very refreshing.

joan said...

hay, i feel guilty not to have seen my inaanak for how many years now. daku na kaayo kog utang kay bien ba. cge lang, tingubon lang nako ha. hehehe.