Mar 22, 2008

Ten Things I recently love

This tag came from my first blogger friend here Twerlyn. I missed her wedding. Sayang talaga I was a bit busy at that time. Though every thing for her ended well. She is happily married and she’s carrying the baby of the man she truly love. Wow talaga… LOVE could really make this world perfect!!!

TeN ThInGs I ReCentLy LoVe

1. I love sharing secrets with my closed friends Jayvee and Alma;

2. I love discussing movie reviews, book insights and life’s trial with Jayvee;

3. I love reading the blogs of Moon, Lex, Jei, Eves, Kookie and Bianca. They are actually my favorite blogs. The friendship of Lex and Moonlae are one of the best thing happened to me.

4. I love being honest to my self. Expressing it in the nicest way I can. Avoiding to hurt their feelings. It is just sad because I am realizing to end my relationship with them. It’s useless. I’ve never been a bad friend ngayon lang talaga…. ngayon lang…

5. I love visiting the house of Twerlyn and Lira. They are actually one of the nicest people I have met. I am always grateful for their effort to reach out and the friendship is a real blessing.

6. I always love reading but for now I am hooked with this Kite Runner book authored by Khaled Hosseinni and now I am planning to buy another book from him entitled A thousand splendid suns.

7. I love playing with Bien and my other nephews and nieces

8. I love my hair now morethan ever

9. I love listening to the songs of some dead singers. I feel their soul.

10.I love british films.


MoonLAe said...

You really are good.Coz it's what's inside that comes out.
You care so much about other's feelings.
That's really nice of you.

Lerlyn said...

Hi Loves! Thanks for making this tag!and oh thank you sa comment doon sa wedding Video ko, hehe!

jei said...

ako, i also love lovielly p. mendoza. she's one in a million. miss you din gang...

bittersweetcollide said...

I love you ate Lovi!!!! :P
I really appreciate your friendship too sobra, and also the ncie and encouraging messages I get from you. You just dunno how much it's helping me. One of the great things I have right now too is the friendship I have with you and Lei, and hopefully Jei too. Ingatz lagi, I always include you and Bien in my prayers.

wITChy Boop said...

Wow sarap naman ng love ni Lex. Mas masarap pa ke Jayvee. hehehe
You know Lex the three of us simply help each other unexpectedly. Pero murag fan man ming duha ni jei nimo.. Na-starstruck man ko nimo gud. ~smiles~
I love you too lex... I want all the best for you.

Jei, thanks for the real friendship. Nakuu.... ang hirap hanapin nyan... I need 28 years para lang matagpuan yun in you. I;m so lucky.

Ler~~bitaw ai...nindot gyud... as in makatindog og balbo....the two of you are really inlove.

Moon, you know how I admired your wits and your strength also your heartwarming friendship. I'm always smiling when reading your post. Even if your a bit annoyed in the article I couldn't help but smile. I am always happy visiting you everyday!