Mar 16, 2008


It is me who created my image. No one else.
For a moment I rely on my new friend Moonlae to validate my self.
I am glad that my confusions was not threatened at all.
I became hurt and resentful. Actually feeling neglected.
Or maybe a result of psycholigical hurts.
But it does not mean that I envied my friend whose happy now.
Siguro sumama lang ang loob sa ibang aspeto. Personal reasons ang hirap i-explain dito.

I searched the net and found the song suggested by Moonlae.
Reflection by Christina A.
I'd listen seriously.

Di naman pala ako selfish.
I will never be.

(Here's something for me)

Who am I?

Constantly changing.
Undergoing renovation
Or reconstruction
Would only be hurt
by people I respect
and the hurt motivates me
to remove or change certain feature
Flaws and faults
must be repaired
I am complete
The sense of emptiness
is only cause by anxiety
That incompleteness
will not rule me.


bittersweetcollide said...

Aww this is such an emotional post. I guess everything that we are is everything that we've become because of how we reacted and affected by the people and things are around us. No matter how or what we turn out to be in the end, it'd still be us.. only with a twist to it.

Thanks for always being there witchy! A great friend, that's what you are to me.

wITChy Boop said...

Lex, daghang salamat.
As I said in your own ways you have touched my heart.
I will be there for you my friend..always.~~hugs~~

MoonLae said...

I'm glad to see this video.
Everytime I hear this song a tear
would surface beneath my eye.

I've noticed that HATE turned me into something very furious.
Why am I happy to see an enemy weep?I woke up one morning having realized all that.I faced the mirror and I began to cry.I knew I was looking at someone else.No it's not me!It's not me!Nooooo!
Where's the girl who was always been described as
..kind sweet
and soft-spoken?

Am I really different now?Is this
a part of who I am?
Why did I let ANGER take the BEST of me?I so much hate myself.
But these days I am ecstatic to hear kind words from people,like you.I blogged out bad things I've done.I've figured out that I'm making people hate me the way I hate myself.And in some way I don't wanna keep things inside.I always wanna be true.I am prepared for whatever others may say.Their words won't kill me anyway!I am not letting anyone put me down.

Sometimes we are the ones who are so harsh on ourselves.We criticize how we are as a person tending to lower down our self-esteem,but when people would say nice things about us, we begin to feel good.

Maybe I'm not that bad.It must happen just to complete the procedure of improving myself..making me better and wiser.

Like you, I am

"Constantly changing
Undergoing renovation"

Thank you witchy!You also help me
clear my clouded mind.
You are my mirror,you let me see myself.
Kaya ang dami kong nasasabi eh.LOL!

wITChy Boop said...

~~tears~~ huhuhuhuh (of joy)
You are loveable....astig pero madaling i-love.

Here is my BANnEr for you friend
"Moonlae forever".

My heart will always admire you as a person, writer and a friend.
You are so influential that you have always touched my life in your every words...