Apr 27, 2008

My birthday pictures

My eldest brother, her wife, and my mom ( the little kid is my nephew Igiboy). My father, Maxine, LeslieJoy, Lean and Bien (Enumerating from the right)
My Dad and my Mom while eating our breakfast.
Boating!!! The whole family enjoyed that activity. Our first time doing this together~
Maxine floating her body. She was telling me that she's doing some YoGa. ~nubayan..~
Yan.. yan na naman...nag post ulit si WitcHy!!

My mom with Maxine walking on the bridge.
"It feels great to be here. The wind will give you peace once it touches your skin."
Witchy together with Bien, Maxine and Leslie Joy.
Next time na lang ang full body view ni Witchy na nakaswim suit kapag sexy na sya.. nyahahahah

The rest house we rented in Del Rio Spash Resort.

The resort is located at Marbel, South Cotabato.
People here are very friendly and accommodating.
It is like you have never left your home.
When we first laid our eyes in this place, all kids were really shouting.
In fact I just realized how calming their laughters are. Nakakawala ng pressure.
Tapos masaya pa ang mommy at ang papa ko.
Sarap pala ng ganito.
I have never felt this happiness kasi naman noon di namin naexperience yung out of towns like this when we are younger.
Today na lang bumabawi ang mommy at papa kasama ang mga apo nila.

You know, I would love to do this again with Ervien and Bien. Siguro after my husband's nursing board exam this June. Tapos sana tulungan nyo 'kong pagdasal na he will make it.


jei said...

ay 'langga, ikaw pala yan? kala ko si sheryl cruz. sobrang arte kseng mag pose, nyahahahahahaha.....

wITChy Boop said...

Hmmmm... mana yata ako sayo langga!

Lae said...

Ang sexy naman nitong Lovi na ito!Hehe!Belated hapy bday pla huh!!

Salve said...

happy birthday, witchy!

may tag po ako sayo.

lira said...

oi nindot baya ng del rio mare ay bisan wa pa to nahuman dati pag-adto nmo. ambot kaha ron kng oks na.

Happy bday!