Apr 15, 2008

I wanna catch the rainbow
Share with you its beauty
To cheer you up when your lonely
I wanna build you an ocean
and give it to you as your own
it will give you serenity
and all the peace you'll be finding

I thank you for giving time
For renewing our friendship
It reminds me the old times
When we still dream together
and trying to make it all come true.

I've been lost
concealed sometimes
kept in darkness
but having you as my best friend
lock my troubles


Points of View said...

waaahhhhhhhh!kinsa nang nag emote diha???haha!

thanks Bes..touched ko!

bes, disconnected ko..pero k lang kay baka Tagum napud ko nxt week.


PS> Pls. gawan mo si Connie ng site..sigh!i failed her..

wITChy Boop said...

Goodluck sa teaching job this summer bes. Just enjoy every moment. Ayy...di na pud ko ganahan duh...magpadisconnect na sad ko bes.... eheheheh
Kang connie? nganung akooo? Jurassic ko aning blogging. Giguba man gani nako ang kang jei. huhuhuh murag ma-failed pud nako connie ani ba.
Si Joan na lang kaha?

Salve said...

san yang picture, witchy? ang ganda