Apr 16, 2008

Bien is good

Last March 15 Bien graduated his kinder Two Class valedictorian. He got four medals all in his academic subject and 4 ribbons for his exemplary attitude during the whole year. In return we bought him books that he wanted the most and dream toys too. We also tour him in Davao showing him all the water forms and land forms the said city could offer.

Today he just give us a wonderful gift. His original schedule for Grade 1 assessment was yesterday but due to some reasons it was postponed and have it re-scheduled today.
'know what? He got it all perfect. This means we have free books and school supplies for the whole year. But aside from almost five thousand worth of books, it means a lot to us. We are just happy seeing his fire to learn more in life.

I just asked him how did he feel that he got the assessment perfect today. He told me that he feels great. He wanted to have many choices in life.
The last one struck me. Hindi ko naisip yun when I was younger at kahit na ngayun. I just studied to have good job pero yung choices di ko na naisip.

Tama bitaw no? Learning puts you ahead after you get out from school. We may heard about global economy and the world is becoming one big market place. So kahit na maging scientist ka pa you need both skills and education to keep up with the workers around the world.
Masyado lang yatang napa OA ang reactions ko. Basta we are just happy today. The family celebrated this with coke and pandesal for kids, coffee naman for the adults.
Then Bien together with his cousins played so hard kaya eto ngayun super-dooper tulog.


jei said...

loves, bien would not be bien today if not for you. your love, understanding, patience and perseverance made it all happen. tinalikuran mo ang trabaho noon para lang sa kanya and what he is now just proves that you have done the right decision. you're a very good and wise mother. keep it up! bien is a good, smart and intelligent kid. super! imagine? the last time we talked he asked "ay tita jayvee, you speak english pala?" Shucks naman! naloka ako! na-challenge ako dun huh? you know damn well i'm not that articulate. kainis.

wITChy Boop said...

Oi sinong hindi articulate? One of the best student ka kaya ng Ateneo de Davao University Communication Art Department!
And mind you, andami kayang impressed dyan sa bago mong On line Diary haa?
magaling ka Jei. I would not stick to you if not. Alam mo naman how user I am. hehehe
I just love witty and natural person. Yung totoo sa sarili. I have no time mingling with stupid mongrel hypocrites.
Hey, paki click naman si Salvee sa link ko. Am bait nya and her taste suits me. I am sure you will love her.
Thanks for loving Jei haa... It means a lot to me.

joan said...

wow. that makes me so proud to be bien's ninang. actually i'm now starting to feel undeserving to be one of his ninangs coz i haven't contributed anything for his development. hehehe. but anyway, it runs in the blood so even without my help, he will eventually grow into a smart kid like his parents.

wITChy Boop said...

Jei and Joan ~ you are all deserving to be my son's ninang.

Even if your distant away Jo rest assured that in his heart you are still there. We sometimes talk about you kaya somehow Bien knows you the way he knows Ninang Jei and Ninang Eves.

Besides, who would not be proud of you? Ako nga even if we are just friends eh proud na proud ako.

Jei salamat for always being there for me. For your calls, for your support and for the love na rin. 'lam mo gang, you are a very sweet friend. Lucky are those who belong in your circle.
Hope to keep you forever.

lira said...

oi congrats! wow! happy kaau ang mommy eh

wITChy Boop said...

Lira~ Duh, lipay man gyud. Ig dako na ni dannielle mao sad na'y imong batiun in every details of her development. Gwapa gyud na Mare. Mag artista dayun ig bayik dinhi.

MooNLae said...


wITChy Boop said...

Lae- Thanks Lei. Now its my time to visit you. I'm coming!!!