Apr 7, 2008


Nowadays I dont have a good perspective and attitude. I was off and always in a bad mood but I have to keep it. Ewyuuu...sometimes, it is a terrible responsibility to be a human barometer. I can not just expressed how I feel fearing that my child could see me in my bad days. This will surely affect him. I dont want Bien's behavior to mirror mine.
This afternoon I bought some food in a wet market with Bien in Toril. The money in my pocket is only enough for our needs. I forgot to bring an extra money for Bien's jollibee yummy mania. He ended up eating in a small and clean bakeshop. Inside only one chair is available. It means Bien would be sharing his chair with me. Not that I mind it but a certain boy of his age offered him his chair. In his usual reaction Bien would open his mouth and his eyes widely as if na-shock gyud sya'g maayo to what is happening around him. Then he covered his mouth with his right hand turns to me and whispers " Mom the kid is soo nicee...." I smiled at him. The prettiest smile a mom could ever give to his child. Bien approached the child. "Mabait kang bata ahh.... from now on pare na kita. I am Bien. Yours?"
"Junjun" the boy replied smiling timidly.
His Dad looks at me this time sharing a sit with the boy then he smiled to me sweetly (hehehee jowwkkk lang. Makipag flirt ba? )
It is in this moment when I see my son sharing good deeds hat I feel energized. I go home with a renewed sense of purpose and joy. Joining Bien in his enthusiasm.
It is a miracle that I feel better now.
He had the power to change my behavior all along. He brightens up my outlook. Tama nga si Ralph Waldo Emerson when he wrote these words: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. It hits me today. Really hits me.

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