Apr 21, 2008

Just a note

We are trained to handle small things in preparation for the bigger ones to care for. Before we can take care for the feelings of the other person we must learn first our own. Before we can love more people we must love first those we presently live and work!
I'm not a veteran for this topic, until now it is such a struggle. Doing things that my heart refused to is more than enough to fathom.
In the past I met and worked with people who made me feel so small. Now I realized that as I look back, I would not feel that way if I had not allowed them to.
You know, I was surrounded with people all this time. They are the one who makes me feel great. ( Of course that feeling so small is an old time story already. I am now back to who really I am. The Lovielly way back Holy Crossian days)
In my 30th birthday I realized that if you try to keep an open mind regarding change, you will see that you will not let your fears hinder the bright possibilities stored in you.
Yes, as human as I am, fears are still dancing in my vision but I have now ways to encourage my self with acceptance.


jei said...

amazing! reading the first paragraph reminds me of what Kris Aquino wrote on her December-January issue of K Mag. She read it from his favorite writer Joel Osteen and shared the thought to her readers. it's beautiful and it's so true. i really admire your positive outlook in life loves. i hope i can be like that someday. love you loves!

wITChy Boop said...

Got that idea from Oprah's life. You know at young age she was raped and people looks down at her. Her world was so hopeless kasi nga may racial discrimination pa and yet not once she lost her hope nga someday her dreams will all come true. Looking at her now, I could say that she really is beautiful inside and its glowing outside. What an inspiration. I always find her words worth to listen.
The magic pa is, she's capable to touch other people to change. Very charismatic.