Apr 17, 2008

A mother's love

I was actually smiling after reading Lae's latest post. She's talented and innovative actually in expressing her thoughts. I must say she is really decent even if she's hitting someone. I find her sweet and no question about her wits. Moonlae got loads of it.
Napalitan 'yung smile ko when I finished reading Nyl's article.
I realized that I couldn't afford to be treated by my son the way in her article goes.

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I haVe so much more to tell my mOm. I will always appreciate here more now. It is scary to not to tell her everything I wanted to say while she's still with me.
I came from her. Flesh and blood and maybe in a year or two, kapag nasa New Z na kami ni Dad and Bien I will always stay connected with her and make sure that in Bien's heart and to my coming kids to be she will always remain. She brings me to life and give me the world.
I love her that is why the story I've linked tasted my tears.


MoonLae said...

I said sorry to Jai..Lol
He visited my blog and left a comment too.

About Nyl's post..Ohh,teary-eyed here!Ouch! Heart-melting!Nakaiyak nga!!Ang sakit!Ina rin ako!

Now I'm missing my mom!

wITChy Boop said...

Where is your mom?
Malayo ba sayo?

Anyways, Jei naman basically is a good friend, she will understand. Naku yun pah? And she loves you. She told me once that you are one of her motivators and an inspiration as well. 'lam mo Lae, maganda kang tao, inside and out. I considered you as my true friend na since the day we've exchange talks. Kaya nakss.. na miss kita.