Apr 15, 2008


/Tagged by my good friend Lex/ We have to make it a big deal nowadays. It is a threat not only to human existence but to our homey earth. Ice Kingdoms of Greenland and polar caps in the arctic are melting endangering the millions of polar bear, whales and other animals that depend on the extremely cold temperatures ./ While my bestfriend visited me in Dacoville I discussed with her some of the techniques in photography. Suddenly Bien interrupted us and asked "Ninang Eves What is global warming?" Honestly that was the time when I think about it seriously. /

I M A G I N E life ending before our eyes. Having no control over it but knowing we can do something about it. The ice sheet's melting is a mystery but its effect is very clear to us. Just this night before my son goes to his bed he told me that he read it from a magazine of Papalolo that the Earth is crying. This is because of our constant negligence./ Now I'm joining this organization. I want to do something to save the world. / We will be planting trees this week !!!/

Global warming is a serious threat that the whole Planet earth is facing. It is no longer a myth but a fact that is becoming more and more evident each passing day. Have you noticed the unpredictable and sudden climate changes? Ho about the excessive heat that most part of the world is now experiencing? It is due to the accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is caused by wasted energy, CO2, coal, pollution, etc. Let’s act now, while we can before it’s too late!

Please Join the campaign and let our voices be heard!
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I signed up to join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March and I encourage you to add your voice as well. Global warming is the most urgent issue of our time and since we are all contributors to global warming pollution we must all be part of the solution. Joining the Virtual March is a first step to joining the movement to demand solutions now.

You can join by visiting: http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/countmein.asp

StopGlobalWarming.org’s mission is to use the strength of numbers to urge our government to address global warming, and urge businesses to start a new industrial revolution of clean energy that reduces our dependence on oil and helps stop global warming.

Together we can make a difference.

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