Apr 19, 2008

KC as Betty la Fea

If the casting of TV-soap Betty La Fea Pinoy version here is true then I couldn't wait to watch this every night. I can afford to sacrifice my reading time for KC. She made me cry when she guested in the drama show Maalala mo kaya and since then I became her fan.
For me I find the casting perfect.
This will truly hit the market.


Moon said...

Shooocks!!Suggestion lang ba talaga?
Akala ko..At first naintriga talaga ko.I can't imagine..Kc Concepcion as Betty La Fea..I mean, a comedy role for KC?Di ako sanay eh..Hehe!As I watch the video..hmm..Why not?KC is versatile!I love KC a lot!
Galing naman ng nag isip nito.If ever
papanoorin ko 'to!
Nowadays kasi di na ko nanonood ng TV.As in hindi na!Naisip ko napaghuhulihan na ko.Hehe!

wITChy Boop said...

I'm glad your back!! Na miss kita Lae!

flashmojo said...

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