Apr 21, 2008

In my garden

I make progress in this blogging-world by having friends and bloghomes around me that are smarter than I am. Reading them is more than a vitamin to keep my brain working.
I'd like to say thanks to all my links. Some are my personal friends, some are my virtual friends but all of you are part of my daily routine that I visit everyday.
My creative mind prefers to flower here. I think this is a good place for growth as well. Here I find warmth, light and plenty of food. What a good world isn't it?


jei said...

just a question, an i on that garden too?

wITChy Boop said...

yes. isa kang CALALILY, the flowers during my wedding (remember?). you are part of my life gurl! imagine lawskul days pa lang, tapos working moments sa DENR and now blogging?
gezz.... love you gang!

Salve said...

witchy girl, thank you for including me in your garden. am glad to have known you. :)

lira said...

We both found each other mare...char!

wITChy Boop said...

Salve~ your a nice person. So simple yet deep. Feeling ko talaga kasundo na kita.

Lira~ The last time nga nag-chat ta perte nakung lingawa kay grabeee as in ikaw na gyud na. Lira kaayo wa nay lain. Ganahan ko nimo kay wala kay insecurities. Your so beautiful inside and out and I always admire people who are family oriented. Isa ka na dun Mare.