Apr 24, 2008

Fish Burial

I felt sad after finishing the Milan Kundera book entitled “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” (Opsey! Don’t get me wrong. I love the book!) And so in an aim to uplift my soul, I finished reading the whole book of Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries ~ a birthday gift from Alma. I couldn’t thank her enough for the series of joys I’ve encountered during my reading and in fact I am now craving for more of Meg Cabot’s masterpieces. This is the reason why I wake up late this morning. I opened my eyes realizing that Bien is no longer in my bed. So after fixing my self and have my coffee, I went outside. I saw the kids were busy doing something. When I get near them I could see how sad they are ! Trying to find out what happened, I saw this stuff and have it pictured for my blog. I felt the need to post this here tonight because I find it odd and ohhh.... cutee!!!
Then Maxine hands to me the posporo-coffin.

"Tita she's dead. We will bury her in tomb-stone like Jesus."
" Haaa....." I said sadly.

Oh, actually I wanted so much to laugh but I just can't afford it because I know they're feeling a little miserable right now~ (definitely my laughters will disappoint them). If there is one person who knows how much they love that pet~ it's me. Can you imagine being left by your favorite fish? Hehee . This is one of the creative things that really captured my attention.
Igiboy gets the fish-coffin to me.
"Tala na, ato na ilubong fish" ( Come on, let's bury the fish now) he said in a baby-like tune inviting the other kids to join him.
So he placed the fish-coffin on the top of a broken hollow-block which in my own understanding will served as the stone-tomb Maxine was telling me a while ago.
"Tita, dali na. Apil na kay amu-a na gyud ni ilubong" (Aunt join us now. We will start burying the fish) Lean said to me seriously while pulling my hands, she is excited that I will be joining them in their ceremony.
"Dili ko uyy... kamo na lang. Next time na lang ko apil ig naa sa sad mamatay." (No, just go on. If another fish will die next time, then I will join you guys). I said to her then walked a little far from where they are. My hidden agenda is to document them.

(From right: Lean in a white flowery dress, Bien seriously praying and so with Maxine, Igiboy and Rohanne)

I was caught by Lean clicking my phone-camera. Silently I motioned my fingers on the tip of my nose and told her to keep quite. She just smiled and winked her eyes to me naughtily while her cousins are still busy casting their prayer. (Maxine would surely hate the idea of getting some photos of her doing this stuff. This might spoil her mood.)
In their prayer I heard them thanking Jesus for the time spent by the fish with them. I took the split seconds to sense the warmth of the flame caused by their words.
This is a simple demonstration of love!
Being happy and content is a state of mind. We must only look for the positive in every new change.

~On Milan Kundera's The unbearable Lightness of Being~
I must not take the book negatively and assumed that the characters of Tomas and Tereza are all true. It is a very sad and touching story. I could say that the novel is difficult but it happens in real life. The general rejection of established social conventions and beliefs, especially of morality and religion is up to now present in our society.
Tereza and Tomas has a painful love affair. They are destined to live together and yet never ceasing to cause each other an enormous pain and suffering.
I can not separate the feelings of love and pain in here. Whenever I feel the love I also feel the pain!
Expected namang magmahal ka at masaktan after but in this novel habang ako ay umiibig ako'y nasasaktan din. Sabay kong naramdaman yung dalawang elemento ng buhay. I just couldn't be happy lOving. Usually when we are inlove, we feel so inspired. Our eyes would glitter. We are just crazily happy. Not in Tomas and Tereza's story.
I am not disappointed with the book. It helps me see clearly the other side of loving, living and depending your happiness to the other person. Yun bang you are just trying to be happy believing that this person is the one who gives you happiness
but inside you alam mong malungkot ka pa rin kasi nga kulang ang pagkatao mo bago kayo nagsama. Yun bang feeling na ito yung lalaking magpapaligaya sa iyo kasi he will fix whatever is broken in you. Pero it will turned out differently. Slowly mas kakainin ka ng insecurities mo. Mas lalo ka lang lulubog. To the point na both of you are hurting each other na pala. I breath so deeply while closing the book. If this is love, I don't wanna contribute. I will stay away and just be a witch.
I may hate the feelings but I love the learnings it give me.
The positive outlook of this novel, brings me back Bob Moawad's words that we can work miracles by having faith in others. To get the best out of the people, choose to think and believe the best about them.

Watching the kids buried the fish made me realized that Bob is right.

(Some kids here are actually crying in the sudden death of their pet and others are busy getting some flowers )


jei said...

so, fish burial happens in real life, huh? i thought that's only in the movies...may that fish rest in peace.

Salve said...

this brings back childhood memories, witchy. my friends & i used to do this also when were kids. kahit gagamba nga, nililibing namin.

Salve said...

this brings back childhood memories. my friends & i used to do this also when we were kids. minsan, kahit gagamba nililibing namin. :D

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

hahaha the kids look so cute and adorable praying for the dead fish! good job in documenting =)

Points of View said...

i love this entry...

i love the kids in your clan bes...i wish i can hug them as soon as i get the chance to visit there...

very touching story of Milan Kundera..yeah, so realistic...simply life as it is.

huggsss my fren....andito pa po ako sa malayong pook upang ipagpatuloy ang buhay...hehe!

wITChy Boop said...

Bes happy bday!!! Sama ako Thailand.... pag iipunan ko yan hehehe