Dec 20, 2008

He won two awards last August during the Linggo ng Wika as over-all champion in Spelling and Story-telling in all grade one level in his school. The teacher decided to award him the medals together with the other winners in some other categories during the christmas party.
He can't wait during the awarding kasi nga huli na tinawag ang name nya. When Teacher Cristine mentioned him, he was already jumping! "Whoaa!!!" he shouted pa. That was a very Bien-like attitude. As much as I hated competition~ he do loves it. He used to cry when he lost but you know as he grows older, he came to understand the value of losing and winning. One thing more, when he losses, he won't give up. The more he wanted to master the field. It was not me. I give up and find some other thing to get busy.

And there was this one thing pa happened during the party. I joined the parlor game and well, yun nga natalo ako. He came to me and told me "It's fine Mom. At least you had fun like a kid."
Feeling ko tuloy that I was such a losser. So I joined another game where I'm good at.
Di rin ako napahiya, I won in the badminton contest. Nyakksss.... I won and I enjoyed playing like a kid. It was so much fun when you play like a child.
Then Bien told me that I was great!
Kita nyo? Napakapraning kong witch! hihihi


wITChy Boop said...

Yung digicam di ko na iniadjust. yung date kasi na nandun sa picture, that was the time when I bought the cam. Tanda na pala...malapit ng maging apat na taon....

jei said...

wow! i'm so proud of bien. of course, i'm also proud of you for being such a supportive mom. your son wouldn't be what he is now if not for your patience and sacrifices. go-getter bien! hah! who would think he would be such someday rayt?

alam mo gang, today (december 21), lahat ng pamangkin at mga pinsan ko pumunta ng gensan para mag diving at mag laag. hahay, i'm wishing i could go but i can't...hehehehe.

wITChy Boop said...

pwede man nimu hulmun akong diving gear hang! Sayang.... U must try it pero kabawo ka wa man dinhi ang nindot nga dayban..tua man sa maasim. sayanga oisssttt...uban unta ka.

lunarhemizphere said...

uy smart kid talaga..mana sa ina!