Dec 11, 2008

Bien Wants an iPod for Christmas

I took time to chat and play with my son Bien and get him do the posing, play it like a game of Simon say's. But oh my god, he won't comply anymore. He is acting like a real grown-up already. Even in his own choices of gifts. Right now he prefers books and doing the net surfing than just playing with toys. But this time you know he was asking for an iPod. And I feel like "'s too expensive for a 7 years old." This time when he asked me that there were no tears and tantrums happen. But to pick between the iPod Nano and the iPod touch is somewhat a big decision to make. Bien gives me and Dad joys in life especially when he tries to be responsible in school and at home. I'm studying the prices of iPod online hoping to find the cheapest and the best.
Eyes are windows to the soul, so when I tried getting a closer look down to his eyes, I could really feel how much he wanted it. But you know, I'm crossing my fingers, Bien said that his Grandmom Vicky would pay it. Yeheey!

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jei said...

give him one. it's so wonderful to have a music-lover kid. hearing stan singing an ABBA song makes me wanna shout for joy. give him one gang. now i know kung saan nagmana si bien.