Dec 11, 2008


We looked a lot alike when we were growing up. She was six years older than me but we do get along very well. We were dressed the same for every Patricio family occasions. Somehow it was a pain when her family decided to permanently live in Iloilo City. We've lost connections but I still believed in our friendship. She is my cousin Rowena. She's a thousand times eccentric than me. I have bunch of friends but it felt like I've always lost one when she went away. Last year I heard that Rowena was anorexic. Accordingly, it was a horrifying journey. In her head, she is conflicted. She loves the eating disorder and then hate it so much. It makes me sad. I've never want her to be like that. She has depression and anxiety. But you know this is not a bad year really. Last January when she started a therapy . She started making herself busy with everything. She even registered in an online dating site with a hope of finding someone who can make her feel better. She used to be one real hot babes that is why it is also hard for us to see her becoming so insecure and unhappy.
Her improvement is becoming visible. I think before the year ends she will be better. I could already see her smiling like a college girls in town. Right now, she had lots of friends online. I think it helps her a lot talking to different kind of people around the world. I dunno if she met someone already in that site but she is surely inlove. I can sense it!
Honestly, I was at first skeptical with that as part of her therapy. But you know, when you are in bleak making friends online is surely a big help.

I can't help but remember a highschool friend who married a Desi girl she met on the net as well. When I asked him during a party last November, he told me that he just tried visiting the site and was already hooked with it. There she met someone different that made her world a complete place to live in. It wrinkled my nose right now. Ahhh ... I just realized how lucky I am to be part of this century. Filled with technology that could help you find solutions to almost all your worries.
Well, going back to Rowenagirl, I wish to talk to her anytime soon. Maybe this coming summer we could visit her in Iloilo. I can't wait. I'm so excited!

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