Dec 5, 2008

Break-up letter

While fixing an old cabinet I saw the breakup letter I was supposed to give to my first love way back in high school. I remember changing my mind not to send this letter to him thinking that my words were too kind. Hahaha...I could no longer imagine the feelings! Nakakadiri man but let me share it oke?
Here it goes (Imagine me crying while writing this~eww...~)

Friday, June 15, 1991

Dear Mxx,

My eyes is flowing with tears
My heart is beating with pain
I have to go
It's time to bade goodbye
For all the goodtimes
I shared with you
Thanks for the love
I wish its pure
But I guess your love is not enough to satiate me
I'm sorry for demanding too much
I won't to disturb you again
I guess this is the best decision
I could ever make for the two of us
It's sooo hard...
it's like I'm dying.
Got no choice but end our relationship
You've got someone now
I pray for your happiness
Your a good person and you deserve to be happy.
I dont have enough patience Mxx
and you don't understand me
so before hurting you
I rather leave
You dont deserve me
Im too romantic, too demanding
Too sincere

You know your soon to be Wife, whoever she may be will be very lucky to have you.
I will envy her but I will thank her if she will take care of you and your kids to be.

One thing for sure. I will not forget you because your a part of my life.

This is already final. Ayoko na and the next time I will commit, no more lovely heart involve.
I will never love someone the way I have loved you.
I learned my lesson.
I will not marry
I will not run for any man's attention.
I will not love morethan my self
I still thank God to have meet someone like you.
You're such an educational experience.

After reading I was laughing real hard. Yuck,Yuck,Yuck! Kadiri ko pala noon! Tapos stationary pa ni Bettyboop ang gamit kong papel. Lagoottt..... gisunog na nako oi! (I just saved the memory in my blog~ somehow kataw-anan man sad gud.)


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ganyan pala magmahal ang isang WITCHYBOOP... sasabog ang dibdib ko! *wink! weeeeee!!

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Jei napaOMG ka sa kalu-od? Ewwwwwwww...Dukla ko gang! hihihi

Lae~ buti na take mo pa akung i-friend. yeeee... labs u gang!