Dec 4, 2008

More about me

I stay with my kids (Maxine, Lean Igiboy, Lira,Bien)~pumpangkins ko po pwera ke Bien~
and my husband when he stays home in Gensan. That would be the best relaxation I could ever imagine. Their kakulitan drives my worries away every time we spend time.

Essential gadget
My MP5 player. It's my connection to audio-book-world-of- fun when I get tired of reading and hoolaahhh it is also my easy access to photography.

Books ~ I bring one whenever I go out the house and read when I'm just at home.

I'm not particular~ myabe anything witchylooking appeals to me but I consider National Bukstur as my brand. NB addict ako.

Holiday Tradition
The family always goes out the city. Like this coming Xmas, we will be spending it in Mt. Apo. So in the 23rd of December, the whole Patricio will be travelling in Kidapawan City. The kids were all excited for the upcoming trip. For the first time they will be seeing the Mt. Apo though we will only be spending it in one of the resort that we could be able to view the said landform. Di ko pa alam ang name ng venue. But promise to share all our pictures here.

I do drink once in a while. But only when I'm at home visited by friends from their faraway kingdom. We get our bottle of San Mig Light~ my favorite vice.


I simply love McDo's coffee and oh..the background music masyadong 80's. Well, here in Gensan~ I dunno know sa other city. When I get so upset, you can find me here reading my books while sipping the coffee...


jei said...

whoa...this is nice. i've learned a lot of new things about you. more, more, more!

wITChy Boop said...

hmm..inspiring ha....
ang novel ba