Dec 15, 2008

I am now listening to the music tribute for Princess Diana. It was bought on a tape since CD's were still new to me and well and I only have a cassette player in 1997. I used to listen to this tape together with Besfren Eves and most of the times with my other friend Janet when she would spend the night in Dacoville.
And until I graduated in college, the album would still top my list for "The music that I love to listen when falling asleep"
Then Vonda Shepard of Ally Mcbeal came and I've moved on from Diana's tribute music.
But today..... ~sobs~
can't help but cry. Ito naman po kasing si Eric Capton biglang inawit ang Tears in Heaven na kasali sa album ni Princess Diana. We both love that music. She used to dedicate that song for me. Ahhh.... I just missed Janet Duatin.
She's a good friend of mine. We've always been together day and night. She would always be in my side right or wrong. She would fight for me, cook for me and most of all we cried and laughed together in just simple things. She also became a friend of my bestfriend Eves. We both love her. She makes us happy and we couldn't even spend our day right without seeing her.
She cooks well. Her best recipe is the porkchop savored with garlic. Masarap.... Ilonggang-ilongga talaga ang lasa ng kinakain kapag sya ang nagluluto.
I wonder how is she doin' now. U know it's like something is lost with out her. I really wanna see Janet again. But...
Something will never be the same again.
Matagal ko na siyang ayaw isipin because I have not seen her for years. The last time I'm with her was when she graduated from college. Nauna siya sa amin ng isang taon tapos ako na yung sumunod. She was not there for she was already working in Manila. When
Bes graduated from college, I was expecting to see her but ... I did not. Nandoon sina Joel, Joan, Nandy at iba pang friends namin but she was not there. It pains me because I was so excited to her kasi nga surprised namin ki Eves yung presence namin. But you know na things will not turn out always on th way you have expected it.
Nalulungkot lang naman ako kasi na-mimissed ko na ang taong yun.
As in sobrang na-miss ko na sya. I just hope na one of these days, ma-browse nya ako dito sa net. I just hope. I wish. At least man lang sana

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jei said...

wow, dami mo namang friends...

wITChy Boop said...

mana ako sa iyo gang! gidt ko ha? hehehe

wITChy Boop said...

gift diay